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Re:A TOEIC Preparation Course by an Official TOEIC Test Center <robert@hamburg-english.de>

An online preparation course for students sitting the TOEIC test or wishing to improve their business English proficiency. Operated by Hamburg-English official TOEIC test center. The course uses a focused training concept by first estimating your TOEIC score level and showing you where you need to improve.

Complete preparation training for the TOEIC® test. Focused training for fast improvement based upon your ability and needs. Additional exercises to develop the core skills you need to improve your English and complete the TOEIC test successfully.

Study as much as you need. Learn and Improve. Prepare for the TOEIC test and gain an advantage. Guaranteed score improvement. Your own personal trainer will help you, or you can choose to study alone. Developed by authorized TOEIC test administrators so you can trust our advice and know our exercises are 100% relevant to the TOEIC test.

See your progress. Watch your improvement. Focus your training. Know when you are ready to sit the TOEIC test.

Complete our exercise questions simulating all TOEIC question types, with business English grammar and vocabulary regularly tested by the TOEIC test. Complete the idiom and idiomatic phrase exercises and the special exercises for improvement in listening comprehension and the identification of information in talks, discussions and conversations.

Do our 2 hour simulated TOEIC test and get accustomed to the pressures and times you may encounter in the real test. Plan the best way to answer the TOEIC questions and how long you should spend answering each TOEIC question type.

Learn our tips and read our advice. Our tips and advice area offers beneficial information directly from our many years carrying out TOEIC test sittings. From getting ready for the test day, test administration, materials you need to take to the sitting plus; tips to help when answering the questions, mistakes you should not make during the test sitting and much more...

Not only preparation for the TOEIC test, but also a complete range of exercises for the improvement of your business English. Improve in letters and emails, on the telephone, in meetings and presentations. Learn business English phrases, vocabulary specific to many industries, idioms and idiomatic phrases.

Focused core skill exercises for concentrated learning. Improve listening comprehension, reading and the location of information in both the written and spoken word. Exercises to improve your speaking. Improve your ability to describe, to construct sentences, to format answers and to pronounce English words when speaking.

Whether you wish to quickly prepare for the TOEIC test or spend more time really improving your ability using international English, we have the membership you need. Following your training, gain international certification by sitting the TOEIC test at our test center (www.hamburg-english.de) in Hamburg or register to sit the test at any of the worldwide TOEIC test centers.

OnlineEnglish TOEIC test preparation is also for schools, colleges, universities and companies. Join our partner program and use our training platform, complete with a school training administration and monitoring area. Monitor your student's training and improvement, communicate with your students during training, analyze their progress and adjust the training platform parameters to your personal preferences.

Maintain your school image and adopt the training platform into your own training spectrum with registration and login pages in your own organization colors, style and logo. No setup fees, no initial outlay, you can start using the training platform in days. Large discounts on published prices and ability to change pricing structures to meet your own country's economic position.

Link the platform to our own class placement testing system (www.englishplacement.com) also complete with testing administration, result search and levels analysis area. Place your students quickly and cost effectively into training classes. our online placement test system can be used with our training platform to offer schools the ultimate in efficiency.

For more information, simply contact us at www.onlineenglish.eu, www.onlineenglish900.com, or direct to our test center at www.hamburg-english.com

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