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Re:One of the world’s largest online training companies

With our remarkable vision of foreign language learning, our global training resources, and our advanced Internet technology, LanguageCalls has put together the most practical and efficient audiovisual foreign language learning environment you can find. We can meet all your language training needs in off-the-shelf or customised packages. Together, you and LanguageCalls can achieve excellence!

Who are LanguageCalls?
Founded in Salt Lake City, USA, in 2005, LanguageCalls’ mission is to help the world communicate. From its inception, LanguageCalls has integrated foreign language learning with advanced Internet technology to provide a customised, practical and efficient audiovisual training package to its international customers. LanguageCalls has become one of the world’s largest online training companies with its international team of coaches and provides a student-centred service.

LanguageCalls’ mission is to replace any difficulties in foreign language learning with its revolutionary language teaching method. Its outstanding audiovisual network platform, one-to-one online coaching style, and ample opportunity to practice with native English coaches are all changing the current language learning traditions throughout the world.

Developed by LanguageCalls, LanguageCall2.0 is the world-leading intelligent interactive online language learning platform which has a student-centred approach. Students take advantage of an excellent audiovisual learning environment and learn what he wants to learn. LanguageCalls’ international team of language coaches fulfil all kinds of learner requirements. With other practical functions such as the vast learning resources database and the global learner community, LanguageCall2.0 has provided learners with a practical and effective learning environment.

Embracing China
With its international experience of the global marketplace, LanguageCalls, one of the world’s largest online language training companies, has come to China. LanguageCalls is working to combine its advanced global service vision with the specific requirements of the local Chinese market in order to meet the high expectations of its clients and to help them avoid any obstacles in language communication as Chinese companies become global players.

Assisting Chinese enterprises become global players
LanguageCalls offers only the highest quality in online language training services to its clients and offers an international vision combined with practical and innovative language learning approach to teaching. LanguageCalls’ offers its training services to the World Top 500 enterprises and companies whose strategy is to seek a place in the global marketplace. By thoroughly understanding the actual needs of language communication in day-to-day work, LanguageCalls has been improving its clients’ foreign language abilities to help each company achieve its global strategies.

After two years of development, the Beijing Operations Centre has started to offer English and Chinese training services to its clients. Other language training systems which include Korean, German, and French, will be online very soon.

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