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Italian Online and in Sorrento, Italy
School:Sorrento Lingue <[email protected]>

Italian at Home ... with Sorrento Lingue. Distance Lessons!

The Italian Language Institute "Sorrento Lingue" (Sorrento, Italy) is going online! Thanks to free, simple softwares and a microphone or a webcam, SL students can stay in contact with our teachers over long distances, and can consolidate what they’ve learned before. Grammar lessons and one-to-one/two-to-one conversations with teachers specialized in the latest language teaching technology (use of CD ROMs, audio files, interactive didactic resources online…); group lessons via video conference; preparation for CELI examinations using specific methods.

Online lessons, all day long, even at weekends, to fit in with the students’ requirements and the time zone of the country of residence. For further information,
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