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Chinese in Beijing, China
School:SpeakChinese Language Center <service@speakchinese.cn>

“Speak Chinese” is an initiative started by the Chinese Society of Education that is dedicated to making Chinese language learning and culture, accessible and interesting. Our name says it all – we want you to speak Chinese! No matter what your culture, background, or language level, we have created a platform that welcomes people to come together to learn, think, and talk in a friendly, creative, and Chinese environment.

What We Provide:

Speak Chinese is a platform that promotes inter-cultural understanding and creative thinking. We want to help you Speak Chinese, and our method for learning is to spark interest – interest in culture and the world around you - naturally leading to language acquisition. We provide the following:

1. Chinese Language Training Programs
To help you along your way with learning to speak Chinese, we have launched our Chinese Language Training Programs - all of which have been created through extensive research, testing, and experience. We design our programs with the modern world in mind, employing the latest, up-to-date teaching styles and techniques to create courses that are interesting, efficient, and most importantly – effective!

2. Chinese Cultural Experiences
We hold firm to the concept that Language is a part of Culture, and Culture is intrinsic to Language. “Culture” is a broad term, but at SpeakChinese, we are dedicated to providing you with as great a variety of significant cultural experiences as possible. Through this type of exposure to Chinese culture, language learning becomes a natural step of your expanding cultural awareness.

3. Talks, Forums, Events
China is a constantly evolving country, and at SpeakChinese, we strive to keep up with the ever-changing culture that we live in. Language is key to understanding a culture, and it is also a tool used in the modern global community. At SpeakChinese, we have created a platform that promotes inter-cultural understanding through a wide range of interesting and innovative talks, forums, and events. Here, creative thinking and ideas are encouraged and exchanged in a casual and positive environment.

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