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Chinese (Mandarin) - Chicago, USA
School:Chicago Mandarin Chinese Center <[email protected]>

Chicago Mandarin Chinese Center (CMCC) is known as the largest Chinese language and culture learning center in downtown Chicago. As a long-term member of CLTA (Chinese Language Teachers Association) and a certified member of American Translators Association (ATA), we have provided Mandarin Chinese language solutions and services to hundreds of individuals and enterprises.

Our personalized teaching program, carefully designed courses, unique business etiquette seminars as well as our proprietary "5-in-1" Learn Chinese 6.0 software have benefited hundreds of managerial executives, business professionals, university teachers, students and families achieving their goals to master the language used by one-fourth of the world's population today.

Both our private tutoring and group learning program integrate a certain amount of customized content which is closely associated with each learner’s specific industry together with needed Chinese business etiquette, cultural and historic background as well as Chinese folk custom and traditions. We are committed to providing all our registered members with the leading-edge teaching approach, best-in-class learning tools, materials and study environment to enable them to master Mandarin Chinese in a rapid way.

Through a number of highly customized teaching programs based on each individual learner's linguistic interests, career requirements and personal preferences, Chicago Mandarin Chinese Center helps its learning members acquire an important skill-set in an efficient, flexible and cost-effective way.

Andy Zhang
Principal & Chief Instruction Manager
Chicago Mandarin Chinese Center
17 N. State Street, Suite 1700 | Chicago, IL 60602
Cell Phone: (312) 316-6038 | Office: (312) 675-8888
Fax: (312) 252-7373 | Website:
Welcome to the Largest Chinese Language and Cultural Learning Center in Downtown Chicago!

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