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Arabic Online and in Cairo, Egypt
School:El Kateb for Educative Software <arabicourse@gmail.com>

El Kateb Educative organize intensive online courses in Arabic language and culture.
The proposed subjects:
a. Arabic language;
b. Culture;
c. Contemporary Art.
A. Arabic language.
Course A1 – Read and write Arabic language.
43 lessons to be done in 22-25 hours as we unite 2-3 lessons per session.
Free trial online on skype : arabiccourse
Cost for the online hour is euro.15 or $20/=
Course A2/A3 – colloquial. Good pronunciation.Good listening.
For beginners followed by an advanced course through movies, songs and poems.
Course A4 – Arabic Grammar - Sentence structure. To improve Arabic level.
B. Arabic Culture.
Course B1 - Introduction to the Arabic culture:
Course B2 – The Sufism.
Sufism history and its different currents.
C. Contemporary Art.

Each lesson passes through the following phases:
Acoustical phase: You will be listening to words pronunciation in Arabic while you see displayed their meaning in your native language.
Visual phase: You will be looking to the graphical representation of new words in Arabic.
Inductive phase: Through this graphical representation you will recognize the new letter of the lesson.
Instructive phase: We will give you some information about this letter.
Reading phase: You will read alone the lesson’s words.
Writing phase: You will write these words helped by your tutor and using your writing exercises.

Let's start
Don’t be afraid to learn a new language. Accept to do this trip accompanied by your instructor. Have confidence and you will discover that you are learning new things with small efforts.
We wish to thank all our subscribed students for the year 2007-2008 for the online/intensive courses for their confidence in El Kateb Educative assuring them All our Best.
There is still time to write down your name for free subscription.
Courses thr our Itinerant School in your place.
Ready made and Personalized Programs for:
- Geologists/Archaeologists
- Scientists
- Businessmen
- Teachers in formation
- Labour
- Military people in transfer
- Seminarists
- Journalists
- Language Schools.
For small groups (not less than 10 students) who have some mission/contact in the arab/african countries and cannot follow the online or move for our intensive courses, we offer retailed and personalized programs as per your needs/time in your place. A suitable classroom will be required. Kindly book your subscription with Mrs. Antoinette.

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