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New York A Place With Unique Energy  by: Georgi Ivanov
New York is one of the modern mega cities and it is currently home for millions of people. This place has its unique charm and it is hard to imagine all the beauty kept within the city and thats why..
A Close View of The Niagara Falls  by: Marcia Brown
Niagara Falls is a must-see place in America, and foreigners should never miss their chances to visit this majestic scenery. Absolutely, it is a place that I have dreamed to go since I was a primary..
Paso Robles, CA Winery - Visit Bianchi  by: Ron L. Anderson; Co-Author: KD Anderson
We jumped back in the van and headed to the next winery. We took a left on Highway 46E and passed a few other wineries including Meridian. Not much further down the road was Branch road, we turned..
Detroit City: Hub of Attractions  by: Gagan Makin
Immigrants make Detroit one of the most diverse cities of USA. People of different origins constitute the population of this city. Arab-Americans are in abundance. African-Americans, Albanians,..
Attractions Of Denver  by: saadi
Here comes the attractions of Denver who always and will be able to mesmerize and allure the visitors and tourists in the best possible way. All the recreational sites and attractive sites have tried..
Vacation Ideas - Pike Place Market, Seattle, Washington, USA  by: Connie Limon
The Pike Place Market has been in operation for 100 years. It exists on nine acres and is called "The Soul of Seattle." The cost of onions increased tenfold between the years of 1906 and 1907...
Las Vegas: How to Have Non Gambling Related Fun  by: Jack Reider
Last month, my wife, Anne Doe, took me to Las Vegas because she had to go for a business convention. Needless to say, she writes for an guide to casinos and I hate gambling. But then, she likes it..
Five Fantastic Seattle City Tours  by: Jason Martin
If you're going to Seattle for the first time, or if you don't know the city that well, I'd recommend taking a tour. I've been to Seattle many, many times and I still enjoy the tours. For you sports..
Reno, Nevada Tourism Information  by: Kara Fitzpatrick Seymour
With casinos, outdoor activities, snow sport locations and dozens of festivals, Reno is a popular destination spot in northern Nevada. Getting to Reno Reno is an 8-hour drive from Las Vegas and Los..
Five Super Cities That Make Flights to USA Popular  by: Shawn Trelly
USA impresses with panoramic natural beauty as well as intricate man made marvels. The glamour of this nation is surely not overrated as it brims with some of the world's most astonishing cities..
What to Do in Boston - Visit Museums For Free!  by: Susan Vik
Are you wondering what to do in Boston? You'll find dozens of wonderful attractions and activities - historic sites to explore, sports to watch or do, gorgeous Victorian neighborhoods to visit, more..
Travel around the best North_Carolina coastlines  by: Travel Expert
Located on the East Coast, North Carolina comes along with great beaches, suitable for families and couples alike. Therefore, so as to have an incredible vacation, decide on the best and create your..
Aspen, Colorado  by: Max Bellamy
Aspen, Colorado, best known as the ski resort for the rich and famous, is more than just that. Aspen is a complete vacation destination with four special resorts that provide you with unlimited..
Vacationing in Vegas? It's More Than Gambling! *Picture*  by: Art Luff
Las Vegas Vacations, I assure you, are more than just gambling and shows at your favorite hotel. When you consider the location of Vegas, one almost has to assume that there surely must be more to it..
Compelling resorts for couples in Hawaii  by: Travel Expert
Romantic getaways are a bit different from other types of traveling experiences. Hence, recently married couples usually need an accommodation that comes along with a bit of extra something...
Universal Studios: Universal Fun  by: Nicholas Jurkowski
Orlando has achieved quite a status in our nations cultural psyche. The home of Disney World, Universal Studios Florida, Seaworld (and the oft maligned Epcot Center), Orlando is the vacation..
How to Travel to California by Train  by: Jennifer Hench
Traveling to California can be done by car, plane or train. Train based travel is a way to see the countryside of both California and other areas of the United States without having to worry about..
Tips When Traveling to Columbus, Ohio  by: David Urmann
Ohio is at the United States' Midwestern state. It is deemed as a geographical and cultural crossroad in North America since it is part of the so-called Great Lakes regions. People from the..
The New_Hampshire Great Outdoors  by: Robert Vrabel
New Hampshire is prime New England ski ground in February. This is an excellent place to take your Valentine for a special vacation to get away or for a nice weekend to forget about the rest of the..
Yellowstone National Park: Five Tips to Travel to Yellowstone by Amtrak and Bus Year-Round  by: Charles Self
Yellowstone National Park was founded in 1872 as the United States first national park. The parks uniqueness comes from the numbers and varieties of geysers and other hydrothermal features located in..
Vacation in Iowa  by: Robert Vrabel
Winter is a part of life in Iowa and they feature a variety of outdoor and indoor events to suit your travel and sightseeing needs. From winter sports to indoor pursuits there are a wide variety of..
New_York City: Popular AND Populated!  by: Gabriel J. Adams
New York City, New York is said to be the most popular city in the entire United States. It also is one of the most populated cities in the US with more than 8 million residents. New York City plays..
The American Civil War and Abraham Lincoln  by: J. F. Borno
Millions of people contributed and sacrificed tremendously to the outcome of the American Civil War. Hundreds of thousands of Americans sacrificed everything. Yet one man stands out in history and is..
Texas Vacation Ideas  by: Kum Martin
Texas is the second biggest state in the US and is known to be a great vacation destination. It has a rich and diverse landscape and the people too are extremely friendly. You will definitely enjoy..
US Student Visas - Learning All About Them  by: Tom Tessin
Students, who wish to study in the United States, need to apply for U.S. student visa with the U.S Consulate or Embassy. You may fill up the application for your visa after receiving the I-20 form...
Top US Budget Destinations for 2012 Travel  by: S Hurley Hall
Do your plans for 2012 include a vacation - a real vacation? Is your travel limited by the amount you can spend? Then you're in luck. Following is a guide to four of the best U.S. destinations in..
Windy City  by: Constance Blair
Chicago, having become a hotbed of the criminality in the 1930s, is now the third biggest city in the United States (after New_York and Los Angeles), one of the countrys industrial and congress..
Discover the Phoenix You Never Knew Existed  by: Caitlin Moore
Smack dab in the middle of the state of Arizona is a city known for many things; its busy and bustling, filled with diverse activities, and as a vacation destination, its hot in more ways than one...
New York and Sports, a Match Made in Heaven  by: Gaizka Pujana
In fact, some of the most famous sporting structures of all time are also in NYC. The original New York Yankees, as well as the first Yankee Stadium were part of New York City. It was home to the New..
Miami: Little Havana, Big Fun  by: Nicholas Jurkowski
Miami is so many things to so many people: A cultural center, a nightlife Mecca, a vacation hotspot, and home of The Golden Girls. In a city as large, famous, and exciting as Miami is, how does one..
Fun and Sun in Florida - 10 Best Beach Picks  by: Jamie Jefferson
If you're looking for a holiday with lots of sun, sea and sand, Florida is the perfect destination. With more than 1,100 miles of beaches along its sultry coasts, Florida has something for everyone...
Canada a Brief History of the Country  by: Caroline Telford
At least three great nations fought to possess the beautiful and rich land of Canada. These were France, Great Britain, and America. The present culture of Canada proved to have equal domination from..
List of US Newspapers  by: Kenny Leones
There are more than a hundred newspapers circulating in the United States of America and it is not quite feasible to discuss each one of them. In this regard, we would like to discuss the top five..
Texas Beach Vacations  by: Erin Parker
Vacations. Most of you have tossed this lofty idea out the window along with your security that you will still have a job tomorrow. However, as a frequent escape artist, let me assure you that even..
How to Visit a Teddy Bear Museum: Santa Barbara USA, England, South Korea, Online  by: Collaborator
Ever since 1902, when a candy salesman was inspired to create a new stuffed toy by pictures of President Teddy Roosevelt holding a bear cub, people have been wild for teddy bears. Through hundreds of..
Most Significant National Parks in the US  by: Travel Expert
The United States of America features a place with endless vegetation, where tourists can enjoy the breathtaking view, as well as the surreal landscape. Analyze the top 5 national parks and explore..
Top 5 Picnic Travel Destinations in the USA  by: Sonya Klepper
Dreaming of summer picnics filled with family and fun? Or maybe you're looking for romantic getaways where you can picnic under the stars with your special someone. Either way, picnicking in special..
San Francisco Is Tops in Romance *Picture*  by: Liza Othman
San Francisco has been designated one of the most romantic cities in America don't you think it's time your found out why? It could have something to do with the climate, the beautiful Golden Gate..
How to Get Around New York City on the Cheap  by: Collaborator
New York is one of the world's busiest and most exciting cities, but it can also be terribly expensive. Here are some hints to help you navigate New York on a budget. Get a good guidebook, preferably..
Portland Maine *Picture*  by: Kevin Stith
Portland is the largest city in the state of Maine. The city was originally called Machigonne by its first inhabitants. When the first British settlement set base in the city, the name was changed to..