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Florida Train Service: Five Tips to Travel to Florida by Amtrak  by: Charles Self
Florida is an ideal vacation location. It has many major metropolitan areas and thousands of miles of oceanfront beauty. Of course, Disney World, Universal Studios and Busch Gardens provide fun and..
Fancy A Slice Of The Big Apple  by: HILDEGARD SULLIVANT
New_York, New York: so good they named it twice. It''s a clich? but a valid one: the city''s incredible architecture, vibrant atmosphere and numerous other attractions help it earn its status as one..
Newport is a fantastic tourist spot!  by: David Urmann
If there is one place in the world that truly is a must see it is Newport. With spectacular beauty and exquisite scenery, it attracts tourists from all corners of the country all year through. If you..
Getting to Know New_York City Before Your First Visit to the Big Apple!  by: Tia T Jones
Moving Around in New York City The best way of getting around in the city is by using the New York Subway system. It is the most convenient, cheapest and fastest way to cover all the sights in the..
This Is One Thing You Definitely DON'T Want to Find When You Travel!  by: Kathy Steinemann
Modern travel often involves movement across several countries or continents to faraway places you see on TV or read about in books. Exotic destinations are as near as the airport. Unfortunately, the..
USA Visas: Which One is Right for You?  by: David Urmann
A USA visa is the most important document which you should have before you can go to the United States. USA visas have several types, and applying for one can be a simple and quick process if you..
Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Nevada *Picture*  by: Max Bellamy
Nevada shares borders with Oregon and Idaho in the north and has California to the west. Arizona is to the southeast, while Utah is on the east. The border it shares with Arizona comprises of the..
Key West  by: Marcus Peterson
Key West located at the southern most point of the United States can only be described as a magical place. It is known as one of Americas chief architectural and botanical wonders, as well as the..
Vacation Ideas - Pike Place Market, Seattle, Washington, USA  by: Connie Limon
The Pike Place Market has been in operation for 100 years. It exists on nine acres and is called "The Soul of Seattle." The cost of onions increased tenfold between the years of 1906 and 1907...
Houston Texas Attractions  by: Kelvin Bush
Its been over almost a decade, the tourism industry has grown manifold and every nook and corner of the world has got some or the other signature attractions that attracts people to visit this famous..
Baton Rouge Restaurants: Adding To The Beauty  by: Sumit Sharma
Baton Rouge is the capital of Louisiana. It has been the center of all interesting things that amaze the tourists. Diversified arts, culture, music and mouth-watering cuisines are integral part of..
Boston, Massachusetts: Top Places to Go To  by: Shawn Collin
Visit the patriot Paul Revere's humble home in the North End, the very place where he started his famous ride. Drop by the Old South Meeting House, the meeting place for revolutionary leaders John..
St. Petersburg Florida Museums  by: Robert Lipply
Come explore the arts in the City of St. Petersburg! Home to six stunning museums, this city prides itself on its contribution to the arts. The Salvador Dali Museum has been opened since 1982 and is..
New_York City: Popular And Populated!  by: Gabriel Adams
New York City, New York is said to be the most popular city in the entire United States. It also is one of the most populated cities in the US with more than 8 million residents. New York City plays..
Come visit the most popular destination Montgomery!  by: David Urmann
Montgomery has a lot to offer tourists who come here from all corners of the country. Whether you are with friends, family or office colleagues you will find this place to cater to every taste! If..
Seattle Might Turn Up A Few Surprises  by: Caitlin Moore
Seattle has stereotypes to spare; rainy days, coffee shops galore, fish markets and a culture defined by hippies and slackers. There may be kernels of truth in some of these images, but this exciting..
Enjoy Florida's Culturally Diverse Food  by: Tim Burton
The local cuisine is sometimes called Floribbean. Thanks to a strong Caribbean and Latin American influence, Floridian food is culturally diverse - and thanks to the huge coastline, you can enjoy..
Sleeping Around in the City that Never sleeps  by: Darren Ravens
New_York City, an international hotspot for tourists, promises a unique and diverse experience for visitors from around the globe. Dubbed the City That Never Sleeps, the city's hotels are as unique..
San Francisco, USA  by: Hannah Rollmaker
From the stunning Golden Gate Bridge to the historic Union Square, San Francisco is a veritable treasure trove for people of all kinds. Though plagued throughout history with such disasters as..
5 Places To Visit When You're In Chicago  by: Gabriel J. Adams
When planning a trip to the Windy City, you will find there are plenty of Chicago attractions and activities to consider, including main sights, shopping opportunities, and entertaining cultural..
How to Spend a Weekend at Disney's Hollywood Studios  by: Angela DeFini
Many associate a Disney World vacation with at least a week's worth of activities and they'd be right. However, if you only have one weekend to spend in Disney, you can pick one of the 4 major parks..
How to Travel to California by Train  by: Jennifer Hench
Traveling to California can be done by car, plane or train. Train based travel is a way to see the countryside of both California and other areas of the United States without having to worry about..
The Canadian National Exhibition is an Excellent Field Trip to Learn Englis  by: Ross Mcbride
The world class performers and spectacular air shows are the really big draws every year at the Canadian National Exhibition. Everyone in Toronto knows when the Canadian International Air Show is on..
10 Top Attractions in Texas  by: Sunil Tanna
Texas is the second largest state in the Union both in terms of area (after Alaska), and of population (after California). There are many interesting places and events to see around the state,..
Scottsdale Vacation Getaway  by: Jennifer Weiss
When everyone else is bundling up and heading to a chilly mountain resort, consider the warm weather and numerous recreational pursuits that a Scottsdale, Arizona getaway vacation has to offer...
Visiting Vancouver Island  by: Robert M Littlejohn
Travelling from the lower mainland of BC to the magnificent Vancouver Island, travellers have numerous choices on how to get there, depending of course on where they want to be when they land on the..
How to Visit California Vineyards  by: Collaborator
The northern area of California houses some of the best vineyards found in the country. Sonoma and Napa Valley are two of the most prolific areas in California for wine making. Staying in California..
Romantic Places to Visit in Florida  by: Travel Expert
Offering an amazing view of the Atlantic Ocean on the right side, and an incredible panorama of the Gulf of Mexico on the left, Florida is a destination full of romance. As part of the United States,..
A Travel Guide to Free Activities in Quebec City  by: David Urmann
Quebec is a peaceful province in Central Canada. Throughout the country, it is the only province whose official language is French due to its predominant French-speaking population. Aside from this,..
Activities in Venice, California  by: Nilsia Cadena
Venice, California, is a destination recognized around the world. Many movies have been shot in Venice, including Keanu Reeves' "Speed" and Edward Norton's "American History X." The sun, the artistic..
Re: Why New_York City Is The Greatest City In The World  by: Barry
You're both wrong. The greatest city in the world is the small town in which you're born and raised.
Vacationing in North_Carolina  by: Robert Vrabel
There may be winter weather during February in North Carolina but that shouldnt stop you from seeing and doing all that North Carolina has to offer. There are some of the highest ski slopes ease of..
All About Chicago Bars  by: Ryan Bifulco
Chicago is a big-time sports town with die hard fans for their Bears, Bulls, Cubs, and the World Champion Chicago White Sox. Even if you dont like baseball, youll have the time of your life just like..
Miami - A Sportlover's Paradise  by: Nikki Lowndes
Sunny Florida's prime jewel Miami is truly a paradise for sports lovers! The city's excellent climate affords fun and games through the year. Sportsmen and women of all ages are drawn to the sunny..
Things to Do in Chicago  by: Kum Martin
The Windy City, more popularly known as Chicago, is perhaps the most exciting city in the US. It is the largest city in Illinois and offers a fantastic blend of modernity and traditional culture. The..
Five Fantastic Seattle City Tours  by: Jason Martin
If you're going to Seattle for the first time, or if you don't know the city that well, I'd recommend taking a tour. I've been to Seattle many, many times and I still enjoy the tours. For you sports..
Aspen Colorado-Not Just For the Rich and Famous  by: Jeffrey Meier
Aspen the elite city is a ski resort and is home to many celebrities like Cher, Donald Trump, Michael Douglas, Jack Nicholson, Mariah Carey and many more. It is the largest city and county seat of..
The Beaches of Lantana, Florida  by: Nick Jurkowski
Lantana is a small seaside village in Palm Beach County just minutes from West Palm Beach. Preserved in Lantana is that Old Florida small-town-fishing-village charm, and it is a popular winter..
Windy City  by: Constance Blair
Chicago, having become a hotbed of the criminality in the 1930s, is now the third biggest city in the United States (after New_York and Los Angeles), one of the countrys industrial and congress..
Romantic Places to Visit in Florida  by: Travel Expert
Offering an amazing view of the Atlantic Ocean on the right side, and an incredible panorama of the Gulf of Mexico on the left, Florida is a destination full of romance. As part of the United States,..