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Florida: Fun Florida, The Best Vacation on Earth For Your Money *Picture*  by: Paul Davis
Take my word for it, Florida is a fabulous place to vacation and get a lot of bang for your buck. I've traveled to over 50 countries and 6 continents of the world. I am very familiar with what is..
Spend a Fun Day at San Francsico's Pier 39!  by: Vicki Funes
You may be traveling as a couple or as a family. You may be teen-age or middle-age. You may enjoy a peppy, "let's do everything!" type of trip...or prefer to relax while you're on vacation. No matter..
Aspire to a La Quinta Vacation  by: Caitlin Moore
Known as The Gem of The Desert and sparkling with endless vacation potential, La Quinta is one of Southern Californias idyllic spots that tend to incite jealousy, or at least fervent admiration,..
Florida Facts and Trivia  by: Jennifer Jordan
Like all states and regions, Florida is rich with information, little unique tidbits that make it stand out from other areas. From having the only professional football team to ever maintain a..
Planning Your Canadian Immigration  by: Lamar Ross
An immigration plan is similar to a good business plan, You need to know your goal, what the requirements are to reach your goal, have a plan that anticipates each step, and execute your plan. The..
Lake Worth, Well Worth It, Florida  by: Nick Jurkowski
While originally considered simply a suburb of West Palm Beach, Lake Worth has developed an independent character, and has become a popular destination for tourists and native South Floridians alike...
Have a Blast Visiting Central Park, New_York  by: Adam Singleton
When going on a tourist trip to New York, the sheer amount of things to tick off the list seems staggering, especially in terms of places to go. The Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty,..
Romantic City Guide: San Diego  by: Ron Zvagelsky
The San Diego area is home to many world class beaches and as a result, many professional sporting events, such as Surfing, are held in the San Diego area. Apart from the beach, there is a lot to do..
The Beaches of Lantana, Florida  by: Nick Jurkowski
Lantana is a small seaside village in Palm Beach County just minutes from West Palm Beach. Preserved in Lantana is that Old Florida small-town-fishing-village charm, and it is a popular winter..
Discover Important Tips on How to Relocate to New_Mexico  by: Benny Horowitz
New Mexico is known as the Land of Enchantment. It offers a wealth of natural beauty to explore such as ice caves, ancient lava flows, fossil sites, archaeological digs, and many other wonders. Have..
Five Great Reasons to Travel to New_York  by: Isla Campbell
New York has always been considered the gateway to America, where millions of immigrants began their exciting new life after arriving from the Old World. The current superb exchange rate against the..
History and Important Facts of the Mississippi River  by: David Urmann
The Mississippi river is the second largest river in the United States of America, next to the Missouri River. This body of water is also considered a watershed. It occupies part of two Canadian..
California Wine Country  by: Paul Bayliss
California Wine Country offers visitors the chance to sample the region's food and wine at the source. Farmers' markets in the Napa Valley offer a variety of local produce. Napa and the Sonoma Valley..
US Passport Renewals  by: Ross Bainbridge
If your US passport has expired, then it will be wise of you to renew it as soon as possible. The unpredictability of life suggests that these things should not be left for the last moment, as you..
Vegas Hotels  by: Travel Expert
Las Vegas, one of the most luxurious and vivacious cities in the United States, is a fantastic destination to spend your vacation. And because couples are not that interested in the noisy part of the..
Romantic Destinations in Idaho  by: Richard Rspad
Idaho is a hidden gem, but more and more people are learning about it as proved by the popularity of Boise. Romantic destinations in Idaho are a great choice, but be warned that you might not want to..
There Are Many Las Vegas Hotels But None Beat the Bellagio Hotel  by: Mary Hanna
For real European elegance go to the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. Of all the Las Vegas hotels the Bellagio Hotel has it all, luxurious rooms' delicious upscale restaurants, great shopping and..
Read the USA Constitution! Daily quotes  by: David Olsen
Daily quotes from the Constitution. Read a section a day, and you will have read the entire Constitution before the end of the month. .
Connecticut - Mark Twain's Nutmeg State  by: Stephen W. Gardner
From some of the oldest points of interest in the United States to some of the most modern marvels America has to offer; from the quiet and solitude of Mark Twain's small-town life to the excitement..
Yellowstone National Park Worlds First National Park  by: David Urmann
Yellowstone National Park in the first national park in the world and the oldest in the United States. Fast picking up as a hot tourist destination this place is full of budget hotels, car rentals,..
Las Vegas - It's Not Just Casinos  by: Mona Graham
Las Vegas, Nevada is one of the most popular destinations in the world, renowned for its gambling casinos and exotic shows. People flock here, from all over the world, but some of these visitors are..
Florida Key Vacations *Picture*  by: Emily Spin
Stretching off the southern coast of Florida, the 120-mile long chain of islands known as the Florida Keys make the perfect vacation getaway. Home to North Americas largest living coral reef, the..
Vancouver As Your Preferred Vacation Destination  by: Sara Chris
Here is an attempt to get smaller the glamour of Vancouver in this article. We will begin from its superb location. It is situated in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia and is just half an hour..
Five Things to Do in Toronto - A Student Travel Guide to Toronto  by: Paul Collins
As learning English in Canada becomes increasingly popular, so too are there increasing numbers of student travelers looking for a city in which to take an English course in Canada. Fortunately,..
A Quick History of New_Jersey  by: Billings Farnsworth
I was looking at the local newspaper and I found a story about the reforms that school teachers are hoping to bring about to the No Child Left Behind government education program. I thought it was..
San Francisco's Most Spectacular Hotels  by: Travel Expert
San Francisco, one of the worlds most outstanding cities, has a multitude of hotels to show off to its travelers. Whatever the reason of your trip, make sure you make the best choice. Have a look at..
How to Plan a Trip to Disney World  by: Collaborator
At the Walt Disney World resort in Florida, you can visit four Disney theme parks on the same day: the Magic Kingdom, Disney-MGM Studios, Epcot and Disney's Animal Kingdom Park. And that's just the..
Passports Your License to Travel  by: Jawahn Thompson
A passport is very similar to a driver's license in the United States. It is an globally recognized document, typically used for international travel, verifying who you are and where you're from...
New_Mexico  by: Max Bellamy
New Mexico is an enchanting land of diverse culture, beautiful landscapes, famous museums and art galleries. Established in 1607 and declared as a state of U.S in 1912, New Mexico is known for its..
City of New_York  by: Nivedita Balamurugan
New York City, officially named the City of New York, is the most populous city in the United States, and the most densely populated major city in North America. The city is at the center of..
Buying Property in Florida, Things to Keep in Mind  by: Robert Lipply
Moving to the "Sunshine State" is a dream for many retirees, families and singles. With tropical weather in most parts of this giant peninsula, and miles of beaches, it's easy to daydream about a..
Read the USA Constitution! Daily quotes  by: David Olsen
Daily quotes from the Constitution. Read a section a day, and you will have read the entire Constitution before the end of the month. .
The History of Washington_DC  by: Garik Tate
This is an article discussing the events of Washington DC. From its founding all the way to the civil war. To begin with Philadelphia had acted as the capital of the united states. However in 1783 a..
Windy City  by: Constance Blair
Chicago, having become a hotbed of the criminality in the 1930s, is now the third biggest city in the United States (after New_York and Los Angeles), one of the countrys industrial and congress..
Cheap Airfare to Las Vegas  by: Sumitm Mishra
Trip to vibrant and buzzing city of Las Vegas is every travelers dream! With tremendous increase in office pressures, target achieving jobs and workloads, today every common people is desperately..
Las Vegas: A Wondrous Playland, Part 1  by: Adrian Adams
Las Vegas is a wondrous playland that is often overshadowed by the reputation of seedy gamblers and an excessive indulgence regarding forbidden actions and experiences. In actuality, Las Vegas is a..
Albuquerque-A Stopover For Most, A Discovery For Some  by: John Parker
For most visitors, Albuquerque is a gateway to Santa Fe or a dot on the map of the old Route 66. Those who pause long enough to inhale the towns character and history are surprised to find that..
English Schools in Canada (free list)  by: Dan
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Unconventional Things to Do During Your Washington_DC Tour  by: Tia T Jones
The District, known for its remarkable National Monuments & Memorials, the Houses of Government - (the Capitol, the White House, the U.S. Supreme Court), and the extraordinary Smithsonian Museums,..
Texas Beach Vacations  by: Erin Parker
Vacations. Most of you have tossed this lofty idea out the window along with your security that you will still have a job tomorrow. However, as a frequent escape artist, let me assure you that even..