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Celebrate New Year's Eve in Niagara Falls - Ontario  by: Andrew Regan
Celebrating the New Year in a new and exciting environment is highly desirable - and one of the main bi-products of the increasing number of cheap flights and greater global mobility is that this is..
New_York Tourist Spots & Places To Visit In New York  by: Gokhan Ozbal
A state of the United States located in the northeastern region, New York plays an important role not only as a state itself but also as a state of the whole country. It has always been, mainly New..
San Francisco, USA  by: Hannah Rollmaker
From the stunning Golden Gate Bridge to the historic Union Square, San Francisco is a veritable treasure trove for people of all kinds. Though plagued throughout history with such disasters as..
Traveling to New_York - Some Info and Things to See  by: Robb Stark
New York - The Big Apple - has for the last few years seen a surge in visitors traveling there to enjoy themselves. A lot has, of course to do with the financial situation over the world and the..
Cultural Differences To Know Before Visiting Canada  by: Sarah E Little
If you are traveling from a European or American city, the Canadian culture may seem very similar to your own. However, there are many cultural traditions unique to Canada. The uniqueness of Canada..
Anchorage Alaska A Great Place to Visit  by: David Urmann
Popular tourist destination in south-east Alaska. Place abundant with splendor and good quality hotels. Anchorage located in Alaska, south-east to be more precise is a place for adventure, raw..
Loving Las Vegas  by: Lindsy Hill
When it comes to this city, every enthusiastic vacationer will tell you, just go for it. Reason? Well, there's no place in the whole world that can replicate the excitement, the enchantment, the..
How to Hike to the Hollywood Sign  by: Collaborator
The Hollywood Sign is Los Angeles' most iconic symbol, not to mention the most famous sign in the world. Originally erected in 1923 and then rebuilt in 1979, each letter is 50-feet high and 30-feet..
Does the United States Have a National Language?  by: Alyssa Davis
Many people think that English is the official national language of the United States. While most United States citizens do claim English as their native tongue, not everyone in the country speaks..
7 Datona Beach Florida Attractions  by: Steven Chabotte
1) The Beach - With a name like Datona Beach, this has to be the number one attraction. Datona has 23 miles of pristine beachfront for you to enjoy. Main Street Pier and Ocean Walk village are the..
History, Nature and Wonder Await you in Arizona  by: Tim Janis
Out west there is a place that words and pictures can only begin to describe. The awesome landscape, the breathtaking view of the open space that spreads out before you is something that we should..
Chicago - More Than Just Windy  by: Michael Russell
Chicago is the third largest city in population in the USA. Located along the shore of Lake Michigan, the metropolitan area - called Chicagoland - counts a population about 10 million people...
Cheap Discount Vegas Vacations - How To Get The Best Room Rates In Vegas Hotels  by: Karin Manning
What you don't know about Las Vegas is costing you a fortune. Cheap Discount Vegas Vacations? When people think of Vegas they think of spending money and gambling. The thing is that you don't need to..
Your Summer Home in the Mountains  by: Steve Falk
When summer hits, everyone wishes they had a 2nd home somewhere cool. There is a hot new trend that makes living in the Colorado Rocky Mountains in a luxury fully furnished condo a reality for nearly..
City of Albany: Deserves Recognition  by: Gagan Makin
With an effort to make the city of Albany the countrys most beautiful city, Nelson Rockefeller, the ex-governor gifted it with stunning Empire State Plaza and fabulous downtown. And these are the..
Travel Destinations....Gettysburg National Battlefield  by: Bill Thomas
Fall is a great time for weekend getaways, and one of my favorite spots to spend a day at is Gettysburg National Battlefield. Nestled among the rolling hills of the Southern Pennsylvania countryside,..
Essential Information About Traveling to the US  by: Christian Gunnels
If you want to visit some of the most beautiful places in the US then this article is really for you. The United States have several great and beautiful travel destinations that will make your travel..
Spend a Fun Day at San Francsico's Pier 39!  by: Vicki Funes
You may be traveling as a couple or as a family. You may be teen-age or middle-age. You may enjoy a peppy, "let's do everything!" type of trip...or prefer to relax while you're on vacation. No matter..
Five Tips to Get Your Best Rates in Las Vegas  by: Ratih Maria Dhewi
Are you planning to have a vacation to Las Vegas this year? You are not alone. Many people from United States and entire world visit this amazing city each year, but you know it's not a cheap..
Vacationing in Maine *Picture*  by: Caitlin Moore
Youve never been one to use summer as a verb, no, that habit is reserved for wealthy patricians with sailboats, perfectly tousled hair, and gorgeous children who all look alike. Youve also never..
Calgary *Picture*  by: Marcus Peterson
Calgary is the largest city in the Alberta province of Canada, and the third largest city (in terms of population) in the country. Calgary is a popular winter sport hub, with quite a few key mountain..
Benefit from convenient hotels in Boston  by: Travel Expert
Recognized as one of the oldest cities in the US, Boston is truly amazing; with fine people and gorgeous scenery the largest city in Massachusetts will surely make tourists feel welcomed even if..
Grand Canyon Backpacking Checklist - Are You Forgetting Something For Your Grand Canyon Hiking Trip?  by: Rebecca Beltran
Do you remember the most embarrassing moment of your life? I do. I grew up at the Grand Canyon National Park and had hiked in and out many times. A friend of mine (who I happened to have a crush on)..
Sightseeing New_York: A Stroll Down 5th Avenue  by: Marta Sanders-Cooper
If New York is the Big Apple, then Fifth Avenue is definitely its core. Running right through Manhattan from Greenwich Village up to 142nd Street, Fifth Avenue takes in many of the iconic must-see..
A Dummies Guide to Seattle  by: Dara Ward
Seattle is a city in the Pacific Northwest area of the United States of America. The city is the largest in the area and it is located within the state of Washington. Seattle is situated close to the..
Vacation in Iowa  by: Robert Vrabel
Winter is a part of life in Iowa and they feature a variety of outdoor and indoor events to suit your travel and sightseeing needs. From winter sports to indoor pursuits there are a wide variety of..
How to Save Time and Enjoy Disney World to the Fullest This Summer  by: Ryan Wiseman
A summer vacation at Disney World brings to mind massive crowds and waiting in long lines in the sweltering heat, right? Fortunately, by making preparations, creating a plan of attack and following..
Book a Charter Bus So That You Can Immerse Yourself in Houstons Nightlife  by: Marsha Maung
Largely known as a cowboy town and home NASA base, who wouldve thought that by renting a charter bus, its possible for you to enjoy a totally cool nightlife in Houston! Dont have any ideas at all?..
How to Explore the 1960s Los Angeles Music Scene  by: Lea WhiteFeather
Even long-time residents of Los Angeles might be surprised to find out that their favorite restaurant used to be the studio where a big-name band cut their last record. For those who want to travel..
How to Apply For Citizenship - 6 Tips to Help You Through the Citizenship Process  by: Manuel Torres
Deciding to take up US Citizenship is one of the biggest and smartest moves a person can undertake. It is however not as simple as many believe. If you think the citizenship process is just a matter..
Tips For Finding A U.S. Immigration Attorney  by: Peter Sterling
Each year, millions of individuals want to migrate to the U.S. They are admitted into the United States because mainly of their legal preferences, individual qualifications and absolute determination..
Exploring The Florida Paradise Known As Key Largo  by: George Johnson
Key Largo is an island in the Florida Keys archipelago and one of the largest of its islands. Key Largo is a popular tourist destination and calls itself the "Diving Capital of the World". Tourists..
Dining in Old Quebec City  by: AlyssaDavis
Canada is a fascinating country, made up of ten provinces as well as three territories. These various areas, when combined, make Canada the second-largest country in the world, at least in terms of..
This Is One Thing You Definitely DON'T Want to Find When You Travel!  by: Kathy Steinemann
Modern travel often involves movement across several countries or continents to faraway places you see on TV or read about in books. Exotic destinations are as near as the airport. Unfortunately, the..
History of the Santa Monica Pier  by: Steven Chabotte
The Santa Monica Municipal Pier opened to the public on September 9, 1909 after 16 months of construction. Thousands of people attended and enjoyed a day of bands playing, swimming races and the..
New_York Travel Tips  by: David Urmann
Always remember to take note of the most helpful information about New York before traveling in this exciting place. This will make your holiday escapades in New York truly enjoyable. New York is..
Miami Spring Break in South Beach  by: Lisa DiSpirito
South Beach, Miami has rapidly become one of the fastest growing and hottest Spring Break vacation spots in the United States. Boasting white sandy beaches, the unique Art Deco District and a night..
Nevada Tourist Attractions Make for Great Nevada Vacations  by: JeanPierre Prieur
In the mid-1800's, fortune seekers flocked to Nevada to strike it rich in the Silver Mother Lode that was discovered. Today, they come here from around the globe to find their riches. Nevada offers..
Edmonton Alberta and More *Picture*  by: Ashton Billesberger
The province of Alberta has just celebrated its 100th birthday as a province of Canada. To mark the celebration Queen Elizabeth II and prince Philip visited the province on May 23 to May 25 2005. She..
The Beaches of Fort Lauderdale  by:
Fort Lauderdale has something of a reputation for its beaches. Its a good reputation though, as you will soon discover when you step onto the sand to stake out your spot for a days sunbathing. But..