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Traveling to New_York City
By:Jake Brown

Ah, New York City. The home of literally everything the world has to offer, the Big Apple's 20 million people will be pleased to meet some new visitors and are generally regarded as some of the nicest people in the world.

Traveling to New York City gives you a number of things to look forward to, being the 1940s epicenter of jazz and modern blues, there's a huge underground music scene in NYC, full of professional and amateur jazz and blues artists. Thousands of clubs and cultural institutions ensure that regardless of the day, you can find some sort of show being played. The arts and musics scenes are some of the most well developed in the world, and you shall certainly enjoy seeing some modern artwork and some unique music specifically from New York City.

But, with 20,000,000 people across less than 1,500 kilometers squared, New York City is packed, packed full of people, both good and bad. While regarded as one of the safest cities in the United States for violent crime, this heavily packed city full of travelers and tourists is a prime target for pickpockets. Keeping your wallet and bags safe should be one of your largest priorities while you're permanently surrounded in a huge density of people.

The main forms of transportation in New York City are the public transit system: bus, and subway, and the taxi cab system. Neither of which are heavily used forms of transportation in non-metropolitan areas, and buying a bus pass should be a requirement for your stay, albeit likely something you're not very used to.

Jake Brown

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