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Aspire to a La Quinta Vacation
By:Caitlin Moore

Known as The Gem of The Desert and sparkling with endless vacation potential, La Quinta is one of Southern Californias idyllic spots that tend to incite jealousy, or at least fervent admiration, among non-Californians. At any rate, its a great place to visit, so consider stopping by if youre ready for some high-quality, west coast-style rest and relaxation.

The foot of the Santa Rosa Mountains makes for a fine atmosphere to enjoy a break from the stress and strain of daily life. The Coachella Valley is a peaceful place to be, and visitors usually have no problem unwinding. As you would expect, the weather is sunny, the scenery is to die for, and the activities will keep you busy for the duration of your trip, should you be wise enough to head this direction, that is.

La Quinta is a once-tiny place a half hour from Palm Springs that has expanded to include all the standard diversions that make a resort town great. From golf to shopping, art galleries to outdoor adventure, theres something to satisfy everyone within this privileged region beneath the majestic form of the mountains. Be aware of all that there is to see and do so that you wont risk missing a single thing, or just plan to stay long enough to take everything in while rediscovering that elusive sense of inner calm.

For example, as you putt away on the world-class famous golf courses youll feel happy to be alive. If these greens are good enough for the pros, theyre certainly good enough for you, so relish the experience of gazing across hallowed golfing ground as you play your best game ever. Tennis is also a little bit more fun here thanks to the low humidity and stunning surroundings. Rally with your traveling companion or make new friends as you serve and volley to your hearts content on the finest courts around.

In addition to these assets and others that youd expect to see in Cali, like tons of swimming pools and rows of designer stores, youll also encounter a few unexpected surprises in the La Quinta area. If you enjoy mountain views (and who doesnt), be sure to hop on a gondola and speed to the top of Mount San Jacinto. You can dine on a fabulous meal or snap a few pictures as you enjoy a thrilling view of the valley. If youre intrigued by the distant deserts, then sign up for a jeep tour or horseback ride that will take you through the unique terrain at the pace you find most comfortable.

If the distinctive rock formations, roadrunner sightings, and dusty trails are enough to nurture your wild side, then book yourself a spa appointment that will cleanse you of the days residue, not to mention any remaining knots or tension that still remains within your muscles. If you need to keep the momentum going, then perhaps youll be lucky enough to attend the Indio Desert Circuit. This event is several weeks long and brings together some of the finest show jumpers and other equestrians in the country.

Find further adventure scaling a few craggy cliffs, if thats the kind of thing that gets your motor running. A state-of-the-art climbing facility can also be found nearby that will allow old pros as well as newcomers to the sport to achieve great heights in safety. Also, bikers will enjoy the extensive trails that weave around La Quinta, providing a de-stressing challenge or two in addition to a good cardio session.

Nature buffs will want to visit The Living Desert to view the wildlife and botanical points of interest, and those with an eye for art shouldnt miss the galleries at La Quinta for the chance to pick up a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry, sculpture or painting. Just so you know, these are most of the top Palm Springs and La Quinta attractions, but not all of them.

Speaking of one-of-a-kind, renting a vacation home rather than electing to stay in a hotel will add something special to this trip. A few bonus amenities, the charming atmosphere of a hacienda or casita, a garden, a yardthe list of reasons to take this route could go on and on. Sleeping, eating, and spending your downtime in comfort will serve as a solid foundation for an amazing trip, so consider this option if you havent already.

This vacation is shaping up to be a good one, and it can be more than that if you take care of a few important details. Start planning today to ensure that the full potential is reached and be ready to appreciate the beauty of one of Southern Californias jewels. Your companions and the La Quinta Vacation Rental of your choice will aid in this lofty endeavor, so good luck and have fun as you strive for greatness.


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