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| Weekend In Malibu, California On A Budget
By:Jeremy Raglin

Are you interested in getting away next weekend but don't know where to go? Why not visit Malibu, California?

Malibu, California is beautiful, beachfront city in Western Los Angeles, California and has 27 miles of coastline, awesome beaches, great parks and plenty of things to see and do in one weekend.

You might be thinking "can I visit Malibu on a budget?" and the answer is yes!

This article will provide you with affordable places to stay, things to do and places to eat to keep you busy during your weekend in Malibu.

Where to stay

Where you stay in Malibu depends on your comfort level. If you want to stay in a hotel where you might bump into a celebrity or two you should stay at the Malibu Beach Inn. Prices here can run anywhere from $200.00 and up per night so be prepared to spend the money if you want a higher level of posh comfort.

If you just want to get away and don't really care where you stay then you should check out the Malibu Motel, Casa Malibu Inn on the beach, Malibu Riveria Motel or the Malibu Country Inn. Each of these motels offers affordable rates that run anywhere from $75.00 and up per night.

Things to do

The first thing you should do on your weekend in Malibu is spend some time at the beach and with 27 miles of coastline you have a lot of beaches to choose from.

One of the beaches that I recommend is Zuma Beach because it's much cleaner than Santa Monica or Venice and it's also great for dolphin sightings and has plenty of parking.

This beach is awesome for enjoying the water, relaxing and people watching.

After you visit Zuma Beach you should grab a bite to eat at Malibu Seafood. Here you can enjoy the best fish tacos in Southern California while the warm ocean breeze blows across your face.

Once you finish lunch at Malibu Seafood you should swing by Malibu Country Mart. Here you will find plenty of things to see and do like beautiful gardens, retail shops, sculptures, children's playground and so much more. The Malibu Country Mart is also a place where you might bump into a celebrity or two while you enjoy a latte at the Starbucks across the street.

Another place that you should check out on your stay in Malibu is the historic Adamson House and Malibu Lagoon Museum. At this great attraction you get to learn more about Malibu's rich history while enjoying awesome views of the beach and coastline.

One of the most iconic spots that you should visit during your weekend in Malibu, California is the historic Malibu Pier.

Malibu Pier is a great spot and a place that anyone will recognize because many TV shows over the last 20 years have been filmed here. Be sure to bring your camera and take pictures while you're visiting this iconic destination.

Places to eat

Since you're visiting Malibu you have a wide variety of places to eat, almost too many to choose from on one weekend so you'll just have to come back for another weekend soon. Here are a few affordable restaurants that you should check out.

Something's Fishy - This is a great Teppan Style Grill Restaurant that has awesome sushi, grilled fish, steak and chicken.

Duke's Malibu - This restaurant is the perfect place for anyone who loves surfing because it's dedicated to Duke Kahanamoku the father of surfing. Duke's has plenty of seafood items on the menu that are made Hawaiian Style. Best of all, Duke's serves breakfast, lunch and dinner so you have plenty of chances to eat here during your stay in Malibu.

Neptune's Net - To satisfy your seafood cravings and also enjoy your favorite adult beverage you check out this restaurant. Neptune's Net offers a wide variety of seafood items on the menu, sandwiches and great specials that you should check out.

Malibu California is a great place to visit and also a destination that you will want to return to again and again for years to come.

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