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How to Visit Malibu, California
By:Robin Raven

There are few places in this world as full of wealth and diverse natural beauty as Malibu, California. Stars like Olivia Newton-John and Suzanne Somers have made this town their home for decades. With 27 miles of coastline, there is no wonder that the scenic feast draws celebrities, wealthy investors and artists of all kinds. Malibu boasts mansions and its own trailer park. There is little that a person cannot enjoy in Malibu.

Start where the sand meets the sea. Malibu's beaches are a sight to behold. While some beachfront property is claimed, much of the beach is yours to roam. Start with Zuma Beach. It is located at 30000 Pacific Coast Highway. Continue on to explore all of Malibu's shores. You'll find that some are sandy, but some of the beaches are rocky.

Take a surfing lesson. The best surfers from all over the world flock to the shores of Malibu, and they have a very good reason for doing so. The surf in Malibu is incredible. Take advantage of this window of opportunity and take a surfing lesson, even if you have never dared to surf before. Under the careful and watchful eye of Malibu's premier instructors, you will feel like a pro in no time, or at least can say you have surfed in Malibu! Have someone snap a photo of you in motion for added fun.

Dine at Neptune's Net, Moonshadows and Coogie's. Those are three Malibu dining traditions. The stars like to eat and play at these hangouts, and you will see why once you stroll through the doors. They are each special in their own way, and you can spend over an hour on a simple meal. It's all right. Everything in Malibu is laid back.

Do some star gazing. You can do the celestial kind since the area is ripe for star gazing at night. Park a car on the beach and look up at the stars for a romantic moment with the one you love. Or star-gaze the Los Angeles way and look for celebrities. You will find celebrities all over Malibu. It is unspoken politeness in Malibu to not hassle celebrities. The locals know this. Celebrities are just trying to go through their day like you are. It is impolite to ask for an autograph or photograph if celebrities are out on personal business, especially if their families is with them. Show some respect. Keep in mind, however, that lesser-known celebrities often crave recognition, and you can make that indie film star's day with a polite autograph request.

Take a hike through the mountains. Taking a scenic hike through the mountains is a great way to see the city for its natural glory.

Consider volunteering for a bit while replenishing your need for animal cuteness. The Hope Ranch Animal Rescue or the Sam Simon Foundation are wonderful places to pitch in, learn and enjoy working for the welfare of animals.

Do some shopping. You can only imagine how great the shopping is in Malibu if it holds some of the world's greatest wealth. Indulge in something at a trendy brand-name shop or a smaller boutique. You have many choices for souvenirs as well. Look around you on any main street, and you will likely find a great store.

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