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How to Travel to California by Train
By:Jennifer Hench

Traveling to California can be done by car, plane or train. Train based travel is a way to see the countryside of both California and other areas of the United States without having to worry about road conditions, gas prices or GPS directions. Rail schedules are accommodating to travelers and flexible routes and schedules make continuing travel throughout California by train easy to plan. Planning your rail trip to California takes both planning and thoughts regarding where you want to travel to and from.

Determine the closest train station located to your house. Use the state by state listing provided by Amtrak to pick a station that is easily accessible to your house or where you will be traveling to California from. Read information about that particular train station to verify that parking is provided and available if you need it.

Determine where in California you will be traveling to. Use the state listing page in the Resources section for a listing of all train stations located throughout California. Choose the station nearest to where you intend to travel to.

Make hotel reservations in California for the dates that you will be staying. Remember that you will not be able to sleep on the train after you reach your final destination. Ask the hotel for transportation instructions from the train station you will be arriving at.

Make train reservations for both travel to and from California. Note services provided on the train for overnight travel if your trip to California will include overnight rail travel. Note whether snack and dining cars are available. Make ticket selections based on the type of facilities you require. For example, determine how many overnight cabins you need if any and also determine whether you need to take a train that allows cars to be transported as well.

Decide if you will be traveling throughout California by train once you arrive in the state. If so, make reservations for additional train travel keeping in mind where your return train departs from and make sure to have your trip end close to your departing station for the train ride home.

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