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How to Book Train Travel From New York To Niagara Falls

The train trip from New York to Niagara Falls covers some of New York State's most beautiful regions. Heading up the Hudson River Valley to Niagara Falls offers views of the changing fall leaves, spring wildflowers and blankets of winter snow.

Book Your Train Travel from New York to Niagara Falls

Plan to get an early start. There are two morning trains and one afternoon train to Niagara Falls from New York each day along the Maple Leaf and Empire Service lines. Business-class seats on the afternoon train tend to go early.

Check online for the best fares. When riding Amtrak out of New York City, it is best not to purchase your ticket at the train station on the day of your trip unless you absolutely must. You'll spend $20 to $30 more for last-minute purchases.

Look for Amtrak specials. Popular deals have included 2-for-1 travel and large discounts on groups of three or more adults.

Choose between coach- or business-class seats on your way to Niagara Falls.

Make the Most of Your Train Travel from New York to Niagara Falls

Wear comfortable clothes. It will be hard enough to get comfortable in your small seat during the 9-hour trip without having to deal with tight clothes and stiff shoes.

Bring a picnic from one of New York's great gourmet markets. The food on board is limited, expensive and not always appetizing. You'll be better off bringing your own.

Book business class if you plan to work. While most people in business class are tourists, you'll find that it is the only place on the train with a plug for your laptop.

See the Sights from the Train

Sit on the left side of the train as you leave Penn Station to see the Hudson River, which stays in view almost the entire way to Albany.

Get ready to salute. Shortly after the Yonkers stop as you are leaving Putnam County, you'll catch a glimpse of West Point.

Follow the Mohawk Trail. As the train heads toward Niagara Falls from Albany, it follows the historic Native American Mohawk trail, which is considered one of America's top scenic routes.

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