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Where to dine in New_York City
By:Travel Expert

New York, the worlds most diverse and complex cities has some of the best and most delicious restaurants in the world to offer. From the most luscious Asian menus to the refreshing European recipes, from top quality service to great ambiances, New York will certainly manage to impress its customers. Check out our top 5 and see for yourself which restaurants are the best of the best.

Per Se Restaurant
Recognized as one of the finest restaurants in the entire world, Per Se had in 2009 a well deserved number 6, in St. Pellegrinos Restaurants Guide. Inspired from the French style and conception, the place offers an outstanding ambiance, suitable for the stylish and modern customers. The menu features exquisite French dishes so as to satisfy the taste of its entire clientele, while the welcoming and experienced staff will ensure the best and most refined service system. Make your reservations and get ready to feel the romantic touch of the brown wood design, which together with the white marble decorations will make up the ideal place to dine.

Aureole Restaurant
Created under the signature of Chef Charlie Palmer, Aureole features one of the best American restaurants in the country. Therefore, the intimate yet engaging environment will make every customer feel relaxed, comfortable and welcomed. Spend quality time within the restaurant and decide to taste the most delicious and appetizing recipes; try out the best wines, enjoy the lively atmosphere and sense the fine taste of the impressive American design of the place.

Latanzzi Ristorante
Located in Manhattans Theatre District, Latanzzi Ristorante features the ultimate definition of Italian dinning. Within the place, the food is original and tasteful, but most of all fresh and healthy. Thus, every customer will have the perfect ambiance to find out more about Italys finest and most appreciated recipes. The interior design of the location is traditional and welcoming for everyone, the staff is professional and friendly, while the overall atmosphere is romantic and intimate, ideal for couples as well as friends and families.

Natsumi Restaurant
Innovative, unique and superb, Natsumi is the perfect combination of Japanese cuisine with a little bit of Italian flavor. Thus, within the place, customers will undertake an outstanding mix of Asia and Europe, which together will create an incredible mealtime. The dcor is modern and authentic; the staff will highlight professionalism and dedication, while Chef Haru Konagaya will ensure that all dishes are made with the best care and finest ingredients. Natsumi also has a lounge, ideal to relax and have a refreshing drink after an exceptional dinner.

The Harrison Restaurant
Located on Greenwich Street in New York City, The Harrison is an impressive American restaurant with top quality recipes and experienced staff who fill the needs of every client. The cooking is more than professional, since Chef Amanda Freitag uses only the freshest and healthiest ingredients. The place comes along with a patio as well, for customers who want to enjoy a recreational meal time outside, while the indoor is contemporary, outdoing and vivacious.

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