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Re: Weight loss and exercise
In Response To: Weight loss and exercise (Grahak Cunningham)

-Exercise- moving is critical to weight management. That being said, when one is obese, getting around is a challenge

Well ,one doesn't have to get up out of the chair to lose weight-even if you're sedentary, providing you restrict the calories that go down your throat to say less than 1500 calories a day for a male you can't help but lose weight. In fact exercise can be detrimental if you are overweight as the strain of running, walking and other exercises can bugger up your joints; if not immediately apparent, a few years hence. No, it's best to lose the bulk of your excess weight by restricting your food intake initially- then you can get around to exercising more safely.

If one is overweight because of greed you should rightly feel ashamed- grab the bull by the horns and stop feeding your face. During the first year of cutting your weight down from the Central Obesity measurement of waist 37"(above the naval measurement and not belt level) or more, be prepared to be as miserable as sin, day in and day out, dreaming of fish'n'chips and cake- however,that will also be character-building.

When you have trimmed that fat gut down a bit you can start walking-then power-walking and maybe running, and other pursuits. I personally restrict myself to 9 miles a day Monday to Friday-BUT don't even try to do a mile if you are over 40 inches around the waist otherwise you will risk causing damage to feet, knees, back. Count the calories and the pounds will take care of themselves.

You may find that only 1000 calories a day is needed to lose weight without exercise, according to your metabolism- however, do not go beneath 800 calories a day. If you are a lady, well, you don't need so many calories.

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