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Everyone Should Learn How To Deal With Anger
By:Les Hutchinson

If we are really honest with ourselves there have been quite a few occasions in our lives when we have been angry. Just looking around at the world we can see anger is quite a common emotion. Walk down any street in the world and we can witness anger whichever way we turn, from road rage to parents losing it with their children. After all anger is part of the human condition.

However, we tend to associate anger as being among the negative emotion set. This is not exactly true, for anger comes in more than one form.
If we sat and thought about it anger can actually be a great motivator and push you on to achieve things you normally would not try for. We have all felt that hot flush in our cheeks when we have been put down by somebody, so you will know what I am talking about here. Anger can sometimes make people stand up for what they believe in; it is anger that led to the civil rights movement, the emancipation of women and many other causes too many to mention. When we deal with anger it does not necessarily make us placid.

What we need to do is judge the difference between unhealthy and healthy anger. We have just visited healthy anger so let's now concentrate on unhealthy anger. This form of anger is characterised by rage and hate in response to the mildest provocation. People who possess anger on this level find it immensely difficult to control. It can make forming relationships impossible, and cause breakdowns in current ones. There are many people in the world who end up in jail or borstal because of their inability to control their emotional response to someone angering them.

It is likely that you may feel uncomfortable being in the company of other people. Individuals who get angry all the time often do so at other people, for that reason they often find themselves feeling isolated and cut off from others. Being close to this type of anger is a pretty unpleasant experience for everyone.

This type of anger typically results fight breaking out for no apparent reason, but that is not all. Scheming, taking revenge, manipulating others, are all associated with people with anger issues. Warning signals include an increased heart beat and muscular tension in the shoulders. This type of uncontrollable anger can be very overwhelming and consuming.

If you really want to overcome this type of anger you are going to have to seriously start changing your outlook on the world. As with any emotion, anger is underpinned by your attitudes and belief systems. Do not think it is good enough just to say you want to be less angry about things. Let us think for a moment about the type of negative thoughts that belong to someone with severe anger issues. At some point you must have found yourself thinking: “No one is going to stand in the way of what I want "or “The world had not ever be unfair especially to me?”

You should see it important to reshape your attitudes and beliefs you have to accommodate the world around you, instead of living just for yourself. One very important question you should ask yourself is: what type of person is it that you want to be? If you are happy and successful and emotionally healthy you are more likely to be more tolerant and accepting of others.

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