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Attitude Plus Aptitude Equals Altitude
By:Joel Williams

The surge of unemployment affects a huge majority of people today. Who knows where the blame lies, except to say we are on the verge of a major change. And people in general do not adapt to change very easily. It seems in the midst of this change society becomes burdened and heavy hearted. I am not dismissing the burdens of unemployment, but to get through it we must embrace an attitude adjustment.

1.Your comfort zone is disrupted.
2.Bills still need to be paid.
3.Food needs to be put on the table.
4.Your family has needs going unfulfilled.
5.Overall, you're stressed, resentful and unhappy.
Unemployment equates to unhappiness which equals a negative attitude which can be debilitating. This is fact and there is no denying it. Being unhappy and discontent go hand in hand with this woe.

All these facts are real. But what if happiness and unemployment could coexist? Would that be of interest to you?

In a nutshell, it comes down to your attitude. Your attitude determines your altitude in life. You can rise above your feelings of unhappiness and unemployment which could translate in a change in life before you can whistle Dixie.

Your state of mind will amplify your unemployment and unhappiness unless you make a conscious decision to change. Even if you are jobless there is no sound or required reason to remain unhappy. Your attitude governs mostly everything in life. Adversity comes and goes in the lives of people every day. Facing life with optimism and determination will enable those with a way to overcome.

Looking at life as an adventure and bounding that within reason will help you maintain a positive outlook. Hope is no longer available if you lose it. So keep hope in the center of things and your life will turn around.

There are always solutions to problems; they just need to be discovered using your creative mind. Challenges cause us to grow beyond where we are. Embracing them with hope, attitude and creative thinking can help solve the most difficult problems. Unemployment is just a condition or state you happen to be in at the moment. Being happy may require some work, but you can only overcome if you have the desire and motivation. Maintaining a positive attitude is where you should begin.

Rising above adversity is a known trait among those who have achieved beyond the average person. But most were average or below and rose to great heights because of adversity in their lives. Knowledge and courage are hallmarks of the under dogs. We all love them because they overcame and so will you. Facts are facts.

What actions should you take now that you have the time but need resources to maintain your life. Partner with someone in business. Magnify the quality time spent with your kids and spouse so your attitude reflects your acceptance and hope that things will change. Become an entrepreneur. New doors are waiting to be opened, new ideas waiting to be developed and the full universe is at your disposal. If a millionaire can lose it all and come back even wealthier, then you need to follow the plan he choose, which I am sure was not to sit around and complain.

In everything you do, do it with the vision that your positive attitude will win over everything else. It requires work and although I've pumped you up with these words, nothing will work until you do.

Joel Williams:

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