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The Most Dangerous Place To Be Is In The Middle Of The Road
By:John L. Mason

"My decision is maybe and that's final!" Is this you? Have you ever noticed that some of the most miserable people in the world are those who can never make a decision? Being decisive is an absolute key to a successful life. Every accomplishment, great or small, starts with a decision.

Being indecisive affects every area of our lives. The book of James says, "A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways." Too many people go through life not knowing what they want, but feeling sure they don't have it.

Don't be like a wheelbarrow, trailer, or canoe. They need to be pushed, pulled or paddled to get anywhere. Realize that you're either moving other people to decisions or they're moving you. Indecision often gives the advantage to the other person because they did their thinking before hand.

There is a difference between thinking and deciding. When you are thinking about something, you only do it when it is convenient. When you are decisive about something, you accept no excuses, only results. Lack of decisiveness has caused more failures than lack of intelligence or ability.

The moment you definitely decide, all sorts of things happen to help you that never would have otherwise occurred. There is no question that you create opportunities by being decisive.

Lack opportunities? Be decisive. Decide to do something now to make your life better. The choice is yours. Nothing great was ever done without a decision.

John L Mason

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