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How to Motivate Employees to Brainstorm

As with most creative endeavors, brainstorming is an inherently risky process. However, continuous innovation in developing new products and services is the key to a successful business. Learning how to motivate employees to brainstorm is an important skill for any manager.

Strive to create a workplace that encourages everyone to share their ideas, including those which may not be immediately feasible. Talk about your own past experiences with brainstorming, including some of your less successful ideas.

Provide training mechanisms such as lunchtime seminars or book clubs that help employees develop the creative thinking skills they need to brainstorm effectively. With the proper training, most people can develop the ability to come up with innovative ideas.

Give your employees the mental space they need to ensure successful brainstorming. When you give your employees autonomy, they're more apt to brainstorm.

Create a committee to implement ideas from brainstorming suggestions. Provide periodic updates to the employee who had the original idea to assure follow-through. People are encouraged to brainstorm more frequently when they feel their input is acknowledged. Consider implementing a program to reward employees who have contributed valuable ideas as part of a staff brainstorming session.

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