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Motivation Tips

How to Motivate Teens (Boys)

Motivating teenage boys is no easy task. In fact, it has been a question pondered by parents for the ages, but with some work there are ways to motivate teenage boys. However, it isn't easy and does require a lot of work, patience and time. But when it happens the entire world opens and the sky fills with signing angels.

Remain positive at least 70 percent of the time when dealing with teen boys. Young boys will always act negatively to nagging. Every time a boy is pushed, poked and nagged, they will pull further back. So, instead of screaming clean that room. Try something along the lines of I would appreciate it if you cleaned the room. It would really help me out today.

Talk to him often and keep open a line of communication. By doing this the teenage boy will not feel like a prisoner, but more like a partner. This is critical for teen boys as they are striving for independence.

Acknowledge what they have done, instead of focusing on what they have not done. When a job is done in their minds, avoid instantly saying but you left A undone and B was done poorly. Point out what was done right and then suggest that the job is almost done, but a few things need changed.

Keep in mind that teenagers are still kids. By this don't make them a house servant. A chore list is fine, but they still need independent time to be a kid. Make sure you allow them at the minimum the same amount of free time as the parents.

Set a good example. Although the results may not come for another 10 years, teenage boys learn from the actions of their parents. By working hard, staying positive and putting family first, it is extremely likely that teenage boy will become a responsible man.

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