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Motivation Is the Key But Success Is Up to Me
By:Osric V Baugham

Everyone dreams about what they want to do or have in their life. The question sometimes is how do I get there? The answer to the question could seem to be complex but it is rather simple. The answer is in two parts explained in one statement: Motivation is the key but Success is up to me. Let's break down this statement so that you will understand that your dreams are merely steps away from being a reality.

Motivation is the key. Motivation is the driving force that energizes us to push forward towards a goal. Motivation is internal and/or external as well as positive and/or negative. You can get words of encouragement from your family and friends. You can get discouraging words from your family and friends. You can accomplish one goal that drives you to push on to your next goal. You can fail in reaching a goal. Motivation is similar to fuel. When someone drives a car, they need fuel. When you set a goal, you need motivation. Other elements are needed such as persistence and perseverance just as you need oil, transmission fluid and coolant for a car. Yet, that car will not move until you have fuel. You need motivation of all types to fuel your tank. The point is: it does not matter if motivation is just from you or if it is positive or negative from others. Embrace it and use it to drive you to your goal. Motivation is the key but...

Success is up to me. So now you have this fuel in your tank. Use it. Do it. You have to believe that you will accomplish your goal. This is worth repeating: YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE THAT YOU WILL ACCOMPLISH YOUR GOAL. Regardless of whom you are or what you know, you and only you can and must have faith in yourself. An abundance of motivation will do you know good if you don't believe you can do it. You simply must proceed on your journey to success. A full tank of gas in a car is useless if the car is not driven. Furthermore, with no direction, the fuel is wasted. You must have a specific goal. You must have a plan to achieve that goal. Failure along the way is always relevant and real. Failure is not defeat unless you choose it to be. Believe that you can accomplish your goal and you will be able to embrace failure. You will not be afraid to fail. You must not be afraid to fail. Failure is nothing more than motivation.

Motivation is the key but Success is up to me!

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