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Texas ISD School Guide

Motivation Tips

How to Motivate Your Work Team
By:Ray Cole

Although each employee must strive individually to meet company standards, a collaborative, integrated effort is necessary for a work team to succeed. Organizing and sustaining this collaborative effort will require you to motivate and inspire each member of your team. Employees who feel enthusiastic about their role in the company will make a greater effort to contribute --- individually and as a team member --- and this will benefit your team's morale. If you wish to elevate the motivation levels of your work team, you must begin by modeling a positive attitude and a can-do spirit.

Set clear expectations for the members of your work team, and make sure to communicate your corporate vision and values. Employees who have a detailed understanding of their responsibilities will perform with greater confidence.

Listen to your team, and invite their input. Create a company culture in which team members can feel confident that you will listen to them. Encourage your employees to share ideas and suggestions that they believe will improve the company's performance. Implementing good employee ideas will encourage other team members to look for ways to cut costs and streamline procedures.

Use positive messages and reinforcement to inspire your employees to work toward a common goal. Anyone can give orders; creating a bond of trust with your work team will encourage them to give you their enthusiasm and loyalty.

Reward the members of your work team. Employees who are notable for perfect attendance, safe performance, high-quality work, or innovative ideas should receive certificates of achievement, plaques, bonuses or paid time off from work. Rewards like these will demonstrate to employees that the company appreciates their contributions, and motivate them to perform at a higher level.

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