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Motivation Tips

How to Create Motivation at Work With Tuition Reimbursement
By:Kevin Sandler

Tuition reimbursement is a personnel benefit that employers use to attract and retain employee talent. It's something that benefits everyone involved, especially employees. They learn valuable, new job-related skills at their employer's expense that can help them move up the career ladder. When a business rewards effort and initiative, it builds employee loyalty and a more competitive workforce.

Draft a policy on tuition reimbursement. Clearly define the terms and conditions of tuition reimbursement. This should have a certain benefit for the company, as the company is investing in the employee.

Create a competitive environment by offering tuition reimbursement to all employees. Shoot for improved employee performance, help employees qualify for further education and climb the ladder within the company structure.

Set a minimum service requirement for a tuition reimbursement. For most companies this requirement is one to two years employment.

Make sure that the employees are on the payroll when the course is completed and that they're working on a full-time basis. Ensure commitment to the company objectives as employees devote all their work time to the company, which is trusting in their ability and talents.

Work with employees to identify the training goals that will help enhance their career in your company. Align employee goals with company objectives.

Obtain a minimum commitment period from the employee after the completion of the course as a pre-condition for tuition reimbursement. Ensure that employees are committed to serve the company in the long-run and return the company's investment in their training.

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