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What Does Self-Confidence Have To Do With Forgiveness?
By:John Blosse

When we lack self-confidence we should ask ourselves who we need to forgive. Forgiveness allows us to break free of the shackles that hold us back. We are released from our prisons of the past.

When you hold onto a past hurt you are bound to the person or event that hurt you by an emotional bond. The only way to dissolve that bond is through forgiveness.

Forgiveness is a gift that we can choose to use for our own higher good. We no longer define our lives by how much we have been hurt but by how much we have grown.

When we forgive it doesn't mean that we are letting others off the hook scot-free. It means that we are letting ourselves off the hook. We can go forward with a confidence that is not tainted by what happened in our past.

Holding onto a grudge for too long only heightens our sense of injustice and keeps us stuck. We see the person that hurt us for what they were, even though they may have moved on and who knows become a much nicer person than they once were.

We can begin to rebuild our lives with a new perspective. In fact, we can begin to accept what happened to us and when we truly forgive someone, see things from their point of view. They must have been hurting inside to have done what they did. When we realise this it can be extremely empowering.

When we go through our lives in this way we can choose to forgive each painful experience we come across. By forgiving others in the process they will have no hold on us and we won't give our power away. No one should ever be allowed to take our power away.

After we have forgiven others for past hurts we can rebuild our confidence and self-esteem. We can choose new, healthier beliefs. This will allow you move from staying to a point of self power (or inner strength) setting you free to live the life we were born to live.

There are two parts to the forgiveness process - to forgive others for what they did or what we perceived they did to us and to forgive ourselves for feeling negative towards them and letting them have an affect us.
Say yes to forgiveness and free yourself from the past. The power really is in the present moment. You can make your own future.

John Blosse offers Confidence Now sessions on Skype and over the phone worldwide and from his practice in Brighton, UK.

John is an advanced level 3 Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Matrix Reimprinting practitioner and runs regular Confidence Now workshops as well as EFT workshops in the Brighton area.

You can visit John's website at www.bemoreconfidentnow.com

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