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Weight loss and exercise
By:Grahak Cunningham <grahak777@gmail.com>

It's hard to get the motivation to start a weight loss journey. If you overweight many things prevent this. Fear of ridicule, injury, pain and being self conscious. But you have to do it for the sake of your health.

Below are some comments I have collected that are motivational and to help you get out the door.

-People laugh and point at anyone...makes no difference about weight...could be color of your hair, too skinny, too whatever..the point being that if you allow what others think of you to affect how you live your life you will never take care of YOU. Here's a great motto: What you think of me is none of my business :)

-Exercise- moving is critical to weight management. That being said, when one is obese, getting around is a challenge......swimming or any type of water exercise is a way to go. It is so easy on the joints. I swim on a regular basis and see many, many people with severe weight problems there.

-Gyms with scantily clad fashionistas can be scary for overweight women and men, try personal training or exercising with your friends.

-A good walking program is great at first. Get a pedometer and focus on 10,000 steps per day. Or get a heart rate monitor and figure out training heart rate zone and stay within for at least 20 minutes while walking. Walking is just as beneficial as jogging but much less impact on the knees.

-Zero-impact exercise such as Chi Kung will help the digestive system, cardiovascular and respiratory mechanisms as well as slowly strengthening joints and improving posture.

-The biggest thing that stops almost everyone from every doing things or reaching their goals and becoming what they want is FEAR. Successful business people don't get there in one day and it's the same for people wanting to improve their health or fitness. It takes time. I started out in business the same as your client... fear of ridicule, I'm going to make mistakes, others will judge me and I'll look stupid. Once you realize most of those things are just fears made up in our own minds we can move forward and it becomes so much easier.... we conquer our fears and the judges suddenly applaud you or they go quite. See the end result and you will get here and the success you deserve.

-Contemplate your reality and breathe into your ultimate success!

Be strong. Be beautiful, be inspirational and most important Belive you can! Cheers and good luck!

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