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ESL Online Learning: Computer Knowledge -- Quiz
Resources for Teachers: Mythware Education Software -- luciansw
Resources for Teachers: -- Education software (classroom management, language lab, etc)
ESL Online Learning: -- Free ESL/EFL reading website
Travel Resources: The Best Holiday Trekking and Hiking Vacation Nepal -- Mountain Mart
Resources for Teachers: All Things ELT -- ELT School Reviews
Travel Resources: Volunteers Needed -- Volunteer Org
Tutors: Online French Tutor -- Evelyne
Resources for Students: List of ESL resources (English as a second language) -- ESL Learning for Traveling Students
Resources for Teachers: English Commander -- ESL Games and Activities
ESL Online Learning: Language exchange web site -- Language Exchange SNS
Travel Resources: Hiking and Trekking in Nepal -- / Mingma Sherpa
Travel Resources: Holiday booking online -- Travel
ESL Online Learning: Free Zombie Games -- Free Online Games
Resources for Teachers: ESL ideas, websites, materials, teaching tips, jobs, and resources -- Teaching English to Children Website
Travel Resources: Volunteers Needed -- Volunteer Org
Travel Resources: Weekend getaways around Bangalore, India -- Tour & Travel
Resources for Students: Grammar Exercises -- Printable worksheets and grammar exercises
Travel Resources: Himachal Tour Packages -- Come closer to Incredible India with innumerable holiday destinations
Resources for Teachers: Chimayo Press, Publisher of Compelling Conversations series -- ESL Publisher
ESL Lessons: Conversation Lessons -- Teacher's Resource
Pen Pals: Paljit -- Penpals
Resources for Teachers: And for School Districts -- Learning Management System
Resources for Students: For students of Spanish, from beginners to advanced -- Lingu asorb
Travel Resources: Discount Travel 4 Teachers -- Discount Travel 4 Teachers
Resources for Students: Define and check words. -- Word definitions and Anagram Solver
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