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Easy Ornament Crafts for First Grade Students
By:Rebecca Miller

Easy ornament crafts are a great way to teach young minds about art, patterns and textures. Creating arts and craft projects with their own hands usually brings forth a feeling of accomplishment. First grade art should form and indulge the creative process, according to Maureen Syke Kalstad of The University of North Dakota. Let your children indulge and have fun with some easy ornament crafts for first graders.

Toothpick Snowflake
Pretty snowflakes are an easy craft to make, but they are a bit fragile. All you need is four toothpicks, strong craft glue, white paint, small silver or white sparkly pom poms and pieces of yarn or ribbon for hanging. You will need to cut the toothpicks in half and paint them white, you can choose to do this in advance since they will take several hours to dry. Glue a pom pom to the pointy end of all eight toothpick pieces. Next put an ample amount of glue on the opposite end of the toothpick and glue a pom pom on. One by one in a radial or round pattern glue the rest of the toothpicks on to that same pom pom. Viola, you have a pretty snowflake, tie and glue ribbon or yarn on to one of the toothpicks for hanging. Allow them to dry overnight before hanging on the tree.

Paper Bag Star
You can teach kids a valuable lesson about using recyclable materials with this easy craft ornament. You will need paper bags, a star pattern, cotton balls, pieces of yarn or raffia for hanging and craft glue. Other items you may need will be an assortment of rick rack, beads, buttons, paint, stickers, glitter and anything you think the children would like to decorate their stars with. Trace the star pattern on the paper bag; you will need two identical stars to glue together. Glue the stars together all the way around the edges leaving the top point of the star unglued for now. Fill the star with cotton balls--you can pull them apart to stretch out--this will make it puffy, then you can glue the opening to close. Have the children decorate the stars however they like. Don't forget to glue a piece of ribbon or raffia to hang on the tree.

Cookie Ornaments
All kids love to make edible ornaments, it doesn't matter how much "glue" he gets on his fingers because the cleanup is tasty. This is a super easy craft ornament to make and fun too. You will need ring shaped butter cookies, vanilla frosting--store bought is fine, food coloring, life savers and sprinkles. You will also need red licorice string or ribbon to hang on the tree. Mix different colors using food coloring in the frosting. Have the children make a thick ring of frosting around the hole of the cookies and place the life saver into the frosting firmly. Let the children decorate the cookies with different colors of frosting and sprinkles. Allow them to dry over night before hanging. Loop ribbon or licorice through the hole to tie on the tree.

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