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Lesson 1 - A Soldier's Lie

The Story
Once a soldier asked his commanding officer for a day's leave to attend his sister's wedding.
The officer asked him to wait outside the door for a few minutes while he considered the request.
The officer then called the soldier back in and said, "You are a liar. I've just phoned your sister and she told me she's already married."
"Well, sir, you're an even bigger liar," the soldier replied, "because I don't even have a sister."
Vocabulary Practice
Mark the best choice.
1. 'Leave' here means ......
a. going out from a place
b. one part of a tree
c. permission to be absent from work
d. asking a person for some money
2. To 'attend' here means to ...
a. take care of
b. pay for
c. be present at
d. look at
Questions for Discussion
1. Why did the soldier tell the officer a lie?
2. Why did the officer tell the soldier a lie?
3. Can you remember telling such lies?

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