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English lesson plan – In the house

This lesson plan introduces both the types of houses and the ‘inside the house’ vocabulary. The lesson starts with a warmer where students should identify different types of houses which they see in the pictures. This is followed by a short discussion with questions such as 'In which of these houses would you like to live?' and ‘What do you think the advantages of each type of house are?’
Then students are given a list of vocabulary to do with the house and the nearby area such as roof, porch, garage, etc. Because students may not be familiar with the some of these words, tell them to look those words up in a dictionary.
This is followed by an activity where students should label the picture of the house and the surrounding area with the words they have learned. This will help students better associate the words with the objects that they denote.
When students have mastered the ‘outside the house’ vocabulary, it is time to move inside. The next task is to match words and their definitions. The words in the list refer to the most typical objects which can be found inside the house such as couch, fridge, ironing board, socket, etc.
Next is a gap-filling exercise. Students should complete the text with the given words. The text is basically a description of the house as narrated by the house owner. It contains description of rooms and furniture and other things which can be found inside an average western home.
After reading and gap-filling the text, students should answer the questions which should inspire a class discussion of an imaginary dream house. Each student prepares a description of their dream house and reads it to a partner. The partner should listen and then narrate the description to the rest of the class.
The student whose house is being described should make notes and then correct the speaker using given phrases such as ‘I didn’t say’, ‘I don’t think I mentioned’, ‘It’s not quite what I said’. Thus students not only acquire the reading and retelling skills, but also learn how to correct information. The last task in this lesson is to solve a crossword puzzle which revises the lesson vocabulary.

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