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Regular Verb List and Verb Activities
By:Renee Goodrich

Here is a handy regular verb list of 100 every day verbs.

Regular verbs are verbs that use "ed" when converted to past tense. For example, walk becomes walked. When teaching verbs to your students it makes sense to start with these and leave discussions about irregular verbs for later. Irregular verbs use letters that are unique to the word when it is converted to past tense. For example, run becomes ran.

accept act annoy arrest attract

bake bang behave blind boil

book brake buzz carve chew

clean compare correct cure dare

destroy discover dress earn empty

examine exercise explain explode fade

file flood flow force fry

gather grate grip guide hammer

heal help hug identify increased

interrupt invite jail join joke

judge juggle jump kiss land

learn lighten like listen load

mark mash matter milk move

nail paddle phone pop prefer

provide reduce refuse repair rinse

rule sack scream shrug sparkle

squash suggest talk thank tick

trade twist unpack vanish wait

waved whisper wonder work x-ray

yell yelp yawn zip zing

Here are some verb activities that you can do with this list.

Write one verb from the list on the board and ask your students to write a sentence that includes it. Then, write two verbs on the board and ask your students to write a sentence that includes both of them. Then, write three verbs on the board and ask your students to write a sentence that includes all three of them of them. Continue increasing the number of verbs as long as you want or is appropriate.

Ask students to come out to the front of the class and silently act out one of the verbs on the list. The class must try and guess what it is.

Ask students to suggest a noun that can be written on the board. Next to each noun, write a random verb from the list. The students then write a sentence for each random pairing or write a short story based on one of the pairs.

Students in groups of 4-6 are given a large piece of paper (A3 or larger) and coloured pencils or markers. Each group is also given a verb unique to their group. The challenge is to write the verb in the centre of the paper and add as many associated words as possible shooting off it. For example, running may lead to shoes, fast, race, scared, champion, athlete, chased, heart beat, shoe lace, pedometer, fitness, sweat, jogging and marathon. The finished sheets could be used as a writing prompt activity in rotating literacy groups. Simply post the sheet on to a wall and ask the students to use some of the words in an illustrated short story. Have a dictionary and thesaurus on hand.

Write some of the verbs (10 or so) in scrambled form (ywna for yawn) and ask your students to write out the correct version of the word. You could give your students the list as a guide.

If you want a printable version of this regular verb list or more verb activities head over to http://www.free-teacher-worksheets.com/verb-worksheets.html There are "definition of a verb" resources, verb worksheets, subject verb agreement exercises and examples of action verbs.

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