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Texas ISD School Guide
Texas ISD School Guide

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Group Activity: Agree or Disagree? - Lesson

Group Activity: Agree or Disagree?
After defining “strongly agree,” “agree,” “disagree” and “strongly disagree,”

the leader reads out different statements of opinion and the students react ap- propriately as defined in the rules for each round. Once you get the idea here, you can substitute your own statements of opinion.
Students who strongly agree reach up high.
Students who agree, touch their shoulders.
Students who disagree touch their waists.
Students who strongly disagree touch their toes.
Students who strongly agree hop up and down.
Students who agree march in place.
Students who disagree sit down.
Students who strongly disagree lie down on the floor.
Students with different opinions run to different spots in the room, defined by the
leader. You could write the words on paper and tape them up to remind the
kids where to go.
Add more rounds!
Example statements of opinion for you to use:
1. Milk is better than juice.
2. Children should be allowed to c ross the street without their parents.
3. Computers are better than televisions.
4. Girls rule!
5. Boys rule!
6. Playing at the playground is better than reading a book.
7. Non-fiction is more interesting than fiction.
8. Caves are fun to explore.
9. Recycling is important.
10.Bedtime should be at 11 pm.
11.Children should be allowed to vote.
12.Cars are better than bicycles.
You get the idea — have fun

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