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Halloween Classroom Activities
By:Teresa Evans

If you are looking for Halloween classroom activities, you have wide choice of games and activities that you can use. You can incorporate Halloween activities into math lessons, writing lessons, art classes and more. In fact you could do nothing but Halloween activities for the month of October and still fill each day with quality educational content.

Halloween classroom activities don't have to be just a bit of fun. They can be worthwhile activities where the learning continues and best of all the kids are really keen to participate. Look at the different ways that you can incorporate this spooky theme into your program.

Brain Teasers

It is worthwhile adding a few math Halloween activities into your program before Halloween. Halloween brain teasers are always popular with the kids. These can be math brain teasers where the problems are about Halloween characters like witches, ghosts and vampires.

Many regular brain teasers can easily be changed to Halloween brain teasers. Here is one to get you started. Wendy the witch has all of her cats and all of her owls in the house. She has 9 animals in the house and they have 30 legs altogether. How many cats and how many owls does she have?

Writing Activities

Halloween classroom activities can also focus on writing activities. An acrostic poem is a great way to get the creativity flowing. The kids just write the 'Halloween' going down the page and then use these letters to start each line of their poem. This is a popular Halloween classroom activity. Other Halloween words can also be used for the poem. Children might like to use Frankenstein, Ghosts, Vampires or Spooky as the word for their poem. They will also enjoy using fancy lettering and decorating their poem when they publish the final copy.

There are other Halloween classroom activities that involve writing also. Children might like to write a Halloween story or write a diary for a Halloween character outlining what the character does for the week of Halloween.

Craft Activities

Halloween crafts are also a great way to extend kids' creativity. Making decorations, cards and even Halloween board games will get kids expressing themselves creatively. Children might enjoy creating and decorating cutouts of ghosts, witches or bats. Halloween cards and bookmarks can also be decorated to give to friends or family.

A Halloween board game is fun to make and when it is finished it is also fun to play with. You can provide the materials and a few ideas and then let the kids create and design their own project. Halloween in the classroom doesn't have to be limited to a fun Halloween party. There are loads of worthwhile activities that the kids can be involved in as Halloween approaches. Kids can enjoy a Halloween week or even a Halloween week. Apart from math and writing and crafts they can also do research about Halloween to discover its origins and meaning.

There is an endless number of Halloween classroom activities that you can bring into your classroom. The best part is that the learning doesn't have to stop as there are many different activities that are educational too.

For your set of free printable Halloween games click here. www.kids-halloween-activities.com Teresa Evans is a parent and teacher who has created a range of printable Halloween classroom activities and games at www.kids-halloween-activities.com.

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