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CHARADES - Short Lesson

It s usually best to introduce this game after playing Pictionary a few times. This game works well for verbs. Students pick out a verb card then they act out the verb. The other students try to figure out what the verb is. Can be played in two teams. For advanced students, ask for a full sentence response. For example, He is running. instead of run . Can also be done with nouns and adjectives. Another way to play is to get the whole team to act out a word so that one of their members can figure out what the word is. The team has one minute to figure out what their team-mate is trying to act out. If they guess properly, the team gets a point. If at the end of one minute the team still hasn t guessed, the other gets to try to steal the point. Yet another way to play is to give one team a limited amount of time to go through as many cards as they can (e.g. give them 90 seconds to do as many cards as they can).

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