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Scattergories - Short Lesson

Scattergories is a game published by Milton Bradley. You do not need to buy this game to play it in your ESL classroom. This English game for high school students works well for large or small classes. Divide large classes into teams of 4 students. In a small class size, students can play as individuals or in pairs. Based on a given topic, such as fruit, things in the bathroom, or words with seven letters, students make a list of as many words as they can think of in 2 minutes or less. For advanced English students, follow the rules of the actual game and require students to use one letter for the beginning of each word. A sample category might be, "Fruit that begins with the letter L". Permit intermediate students to list words that start with any letter. Choose topics based on vocabulary lists from previous lesson plans. At the end of the given time period, students read their list aloud. Duplicate answers are crossed out and original answers earn one point. Prepare 15 categories for a 45-minute class.

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