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Using polite expressions: class ideas for teachers - Short Lesson

You could have the class brainstorm a list of polite words or expressions (please, may I, etc.).

You could give the kids scenarios and they would have to act them out with each other as a way to practice being polite. Or you could have them act out the impolite way, and then act out the polite way. Then the kids could discuss the differences and why the polite way is better.

They could draw a picture and use inventive spelling to tell about how they would ask a question politely.

You could ask the kids questions in both polite and impolite manners and they have to use an "all people response" to respond. This could be thumbs up/thumbs down, popsicle sticks with a green end and a red end, pictures of smiley faces/frowny faces.

They could make a book of various polite expressions they might use this year in school.

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