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ESL Game - Ball throw

Title: Ball throw
Type: Active Game
Target: Any vocabulary or sentence patter
Materials: Ball
Procedure: Throw the ball to a student. The student catches it and says a word
or sentence, for example, “I like apples.” They throw to the next student who
says a new word or sentence such as “I like pizza.” This continues until all the
children have had a turn.
Comments: This is a very simple game and fun for younger students. However,
endless variations can be made to make it suitable for all levels. For example,
the students must repeat the process and remember who threw to them and who
they threw to as well as what the person before them said. The first person says
“I like apples” and then throws to S2. S2 says “He likes apples. I like pizza.”
Then throws to S3. S3 says “She likes pizza. I like Kim Chi.” This continues
until it reaches the first student who starts the pattern over again. Everyone tries
to remember the pattern of the ball and what they said. Another variation is to
do the above and then add more balls into the mix so that after the first 2
students have gone throw another ball and the students must continue the
pattern with more balls. Or else who can speed up the rhythm of the throwing.

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