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Kinesthetic Learning Activities - Try a Gallery Walk to Address the Kinesthetic Learning Style
By:Adam Waxler

It is very important for teachers to address a variety of different learning styles, including the kinesthetic learning style in which learning takes place by the student actually carrying out a physical activity, rather than listening to a lecture or merely watching a demonstration. Unfortunately, all too often, the kinesthetic learning style is overlooked in our schools. However, kinesthetic learning activities are a great way to spark student interest early in a unit or can even be used as a unit assessment or culminating activity at the end of a unit. One of my favorite kinesthetic learning activities is called a Gallery Walk.

In a gallery walk students create and collect a range of visual material about a single subject that is to be displayed in the classroom in a gallery style. Students will then walk around the "gallery" examining the various material and comment on the teacher created prompts that are posted at each station.

The materials for the gallery walk can be anything related to the subject, including books, photographs, web sites, music, quotes, maps, poems, graphs, charts, paintings, cartoons, newspaper articles, video etc. These materials can be created by the students or not. Students can be given class time to brainstorm ideas, research, and create, as well time at home to collect the materials. Once all the materials are collected and delivered to the teacher, the teacher will display the materials around the classroom grouped in general themes. Next, the teacher will post prompts and/or questions at each station for the students to answer or comment about as they walk around the classroom.

Gallery walks can be as short as 10-15 minutes in an attempt to spark student interest at the beginning of a unit. Or, gallery walks can span several class periods. They can be done with the students working as individuals or can used more as cooperative learning lessons by having students work in groups. If the teacher allows students to work in groups then roles can be assigned such as a note taker, recorder, and presenter. This gives each student in each group a specific task. At the end of the gallery walk, each group can have their presenter give a quick oral presentation to the class.

A gallery walk addresses the kinesthetic learning style in way that is flexible enough for teachers to implement in a variety ways, it has students actively involved in their learning, and is one of many kinesthetic learning activities that students will truly enjoy.

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