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5 Of The Best Online Preschool Games - Online Toddler Games, Too!
By:Mary Green

There are hundreds of online preschool games, and many of these can also be used as online toddler games. Some of the best are featured here and each one has a different way of teaching besides what you see at first look.

Each one of these is a little different than the others. Each one focuses on a practice for kids to get them used to the computer and learn how to use it with more ease.

Before trying any of these games you might want to consider using the kids rocket browser that you can lock as a parent. This keeps them from leaving the program and opening other software, and ultimately messing up the computer. It comes with two art programs and a couple of math programs preinstalled to give them even more options. You can find it easily by searching through google. The 5 games are listed below.

1. Elmo Keyboardorama- Having been a huge fan of this game for years, one of the best biggest benefits of it, is the kids do not have to be ready to use a mouse. This makes it perfect for ages 6 months plus. At this young age they just love to bang on the keyboard, and if you are ready to do it, they can to the sound of Elmo. For each letter the kids hit Elmo has something to show them, if you hit the space bar Elmo laughs. All letters and numbers are covered. Here is the link directly to the game.

2. Super Why's- This apparently is a show that is on PBS, but it is also a game on PBS Kids. The game here that is best is the rhyming game with the little girl on skates. The reason this game is so great is because it teaches little ones to use the mouse. With the mouse all they have to do is guide the little girl to grama's house by moving the mouse up and down. There is no clicking, so it teaches them to move it around and get used to using a mouse. Here is the link to go to Super Why's games http://pbskids.org/superwhy/

3. Thomas the Tank Engine Ballons Game- This game is another that will drastically help with teaching how to use the mouse, but more out of trial and error than anything. The kids have one minute to chase the balloons on the screen and to pop as many of them as possible. Each time they play they will get more familiar with the mouse and using it to click than any other game. They will want to do better each time, just encourage them that the number they get is great each time. They should enjoy this one. Here is the link for this game. http://www.thomasandfriends.com/usa/games_balloons.asp

4. Little People Online Games- Play the animal matching game with your kids to teach them which animals are what. Like this is a horse... They will also learn the sounds of the animals at the same time, because the game makes you match the animals with the sounds. You will also like this site because it is by fisher price and it has infant, toddler and preschool games to play online. Here is the link to fisher price's online games http://www.fisher-price.com/fp.aspx?st=10&e=gamesLanding&mcat=game_infant,game_toddler,game_preschool

5. Dora's Music Maker- Any child that loves music will like to play with the instruments in this game. Now it isn't really a game, but it lets them learn what the different instruments are, in Spanish of course and they get to make each of the instruments make different notes between 1 and 4 and then they can turn them off as well. The link for this one is http://www.noggin.com/games/dora/dorasmusic/

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