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Year 8 (age 13-14) English Level test. - ESL Teacher Robin Day Lesson
By:Robin Day B.Sc. MSc. B.Ed. <cowboy4444@hotmail.com>

I used the following to test the English level of new students coming to our school in Kuwait. ESL students sometimes enjoy testing themselves.

Year 8 (age 13-14) English Level Test.

1. Fill the blanks with the best adverb. (5 points)

slowly usefully dangerously magnificently certainly surprisingly

a.) Will you spend your vacation ______________?

b.) Our class performed ________________ well in the concert.

c.) The hero jumped _______________ to save a drowning child.

d.) The turtle ___________moved to the lake.

e.) He should ____________ try to do his best in exams.

2. Fill in the blanks with one of these personal pronouns. (4 points)

me she I we us they

a.)__________taught ________ to balance on my skates.

b.)_________ were told that all of _______ should join in the drama.

3.) Circle all the words that should have a capital letter. (5 points)

many nokia carpenter jenny wonderful ibm who mcdonalds every winter multiply drug join useful duck four lion all summer different so often never

4. Join the sentences with the following words, conjunctions. (4 points)

after which so although as because

a.) We played inside. ____________ It was very dusty.

b.) The apple fell. ________________ It was controlled by the force of gravity.

c.) It was the weekend.________ We all enjoyed the two days.

d.) I wish to open a store. ________ I finish my schooling next year.

5. Circle the correct word. (13 points)

a.) There / Their / Thier / Thee are many boys in the park.

b.) I have too / to / two / tow many jobs to do.

c.) Where / Wear / Wheres /Were does this shirt belong?

d.) I want some money from my father. I will loan / borrow / borrowed / loaned money.

e.) There are too much / manies / many / muchs people in the car.

f.) The children drink / drank / drinked / drunk Pepsi yesterday.

g.) The dog swim / swamed / swam / swum across the pond.

h.) This moon is the bigger / big / biggest / bigst I have seen.

i.) How many mices / meese / mice / mouse are there in the box?

j.) These / This /Thier books are nice but yours / your / your's are more interesting.

k.) Whose / Whom / Who is responsible for this mess? Obviously it's / it / its John!

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