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Lesson Ideas for ESL Students
By:Catherine Copeland

Studying English as a second language is not as basic as other classes might be. There are a lot of different aspects to learning a new language, especially one that is most likely to be used in daily life. There are many different lesson ideas ESL teachers can use in their classrooms to give their students a comprehensive education.

Games are an interactive and fun way to get students learning English as a second language. Games can include basics such as bingo or common board games, and they can also be more creative and unique. Other game ideas can include "Famous Person on my Back," where a person has to ask questions of other students to find out the name of the famous person taped to his back. There are also word guessing games where students have to use clues to figure out the word the teacher is referring to. These games help students learn language skills while having a good time.

Worksheets are an ideal way for students to practice vocabulary and grammar on an individual level. In addition, it helps students with their reading skills when it comes to the English language. Worksheets can be designed for just about any lesson, including vocabulary lessons, grammar lessons and conversation lessons. Worksheets work well as homework assignments and they can also be used to practice English while in the classroom.

Another aspect to learning the English language is to learn about American culture. This will help students studying English as a second language integrate better into their new communities, as they will better understand how and why Americans do the things they do. In addition to studying cultural traditions and daily activities, ESL students may also learn about American pop culture, including lessons on popular music, movies and activities.

While ESL students will spend a majority of their time working on reading and writing the English language, it is important that teachers focus on conversational English as well. This is the type of English the students will use on a daily basis when immersed in the English-speaking world. Teachers can have their students practice conversation with one another in the classroom, using fun activities such as interviewing, story telling and telling others in the class about themselves.

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