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How to Teach ESL in PowerPoint
By:Renee Williams

PowerPoint presentations are an excellent tool for teaching ESL classes. They can be used to teach lessons, practice and review what students have learned. The presentations can be interactive, and students should be given the opportunity to respond based on questions or pictures that appear in the presentations. Use clear, colorful pictures and simple words that are large enough for the class to see.

Use PowerPoint presentations for direct instruction. Teach students a lesson by showing them pictures of objects and teaching the English words. Speak slowly and clearly, repeating the vocabulary words several times.

Project pictures on PowerPoint. Show pictures, and ask the students questions related to the pictures. Keep the questions simple, such as by asking the same question for each picture and have the children respond. For example, "what is this?"

Play games using PowerPoint. Once students have learned vocabulary through drills, play a game like Jeopardy. To play the game, divide the class into two teams, and use the Jeopardy game template for PowerPoint. Give the students topics related to their lesson. The students can choose squares under specific topics and answer questions to earn points. The team with the most points wins.

Repeat and review. Use PowerPoint to drill students on what they have learned. Change the order of the slides. Show the students pictures as before, or create fill-in-the-blank questions that students must answer.

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