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Texas ISD School Guide
Texas ISD School Guide

Lessons & Classroom Games for Teachers

Choose the best answer to fill in the blank.

1. I __________________ TV when the telephone rang.
a. watched
b. was watching
c. are watching
2. I'm afraid I'm not hungry. I've _______ eaten lunch.
a. yet
b. still
c. already
3. My mother let me __________ late when I was a child.
a. stay out
b. to stay out
c. staying out
4. Would you like _____ chicken?
a. any
b. one
c. some
5. He has _____ friends in Chicago.
a. few of
b. much
c. few
6. She _______ lunch by the time we arrived.
a. finished
b. is finished
c. had finished
7. What shall we do tonight? How about _______ a film?
a. to see
b. seeing
c. see
8. ______ you ever _____ Hollywood?
a. Did you ever go
b. Have you ever gone
c. Are you ever gone
9. Have you finished your homework _____?
a. already
b. yet
c. still
10. Jack is really _________ history, especially Japanese history.
a. interesting in
b. interested on
c. interested in
11. These images ___________________ by an artist named Phil Thomsen.
a. were photographed
b. photographed
c. photographs
12. If I ______ you, I would wait a while to begin investing.
a. was
b. are
c. were
13. He'll give you a call as soon as he ________.
a. will arrive
b. is going to arrive
c. arrives
14. He found his watch _______ his papers on his desk.
a. among
b. between
c. in
15. Would you mind ___________ me a hand this morning?
a. give
b. giving
c. to give
16. I think San Francisco is _____ exciting _____ New York.
a. as .... as
b. as .... than
c. than ... as
17. If she ________ he was coming, she would have prepared the guest room.
a. knew
b. had known
c. have known
18. She ______ me she wanted to come.
a. said
b. says
c. told
19. What _________________ do at work?
a. must you
b. have you to
c. do you have to
20. I wonder if ________________________ yet.
a. has the letter arrived
b. the letter has arrived
c. has arrived the letter
21. Do you really want to __________ that meeting until tomorrow?
a. put off
b. put until
c. put on
22. I'm hungry! Just a moment, I ______ you a sandwich.
a. 'll make
b. 'm going to make
c. 'm making
23. _________________, we won't have much to talk about.
a. If not he comes
b. Unless he comes
c. Since he comes
24. Oh, look at those clouds! It ___________ rain
a. will rain
b. is
c. 's going to
25. How is he? - Frank, oh he's _______.
a. fine
b. quite handsome
c. interesting
26. Jack told her that he __________________ the next day.
a. is coming
b. is going to come
c. was going to come
27. He will meet you ______________ the station at seven o'clock.
a. front of
b. next
c. in front of
Choose the best answer to fill in the blank.
28. ____________ 250 k.p.h.?
a. Which model does go
b. Which does model go
c. Which model goes
29. That is the man ________ grandfather founded Kentucky Root Beer.
a. who
b. whose
c. that
30. I could hardly ___________ the ship in the distance.
a. see out
b. make through
c. make out
31. Look at those clouds! It ___________ rain.
a. 's going to
b. will
c. shall
32. _________________, we won't have much to talk about.
a. If not he comes
b. Unless he comes
c. Since he comes
33. He has _____ interest in continuing the project.
a. any
b. not any
c. no
34. Where do you think Jane was yesterday? - She __________ at home.
a. must be
b. must have been
c. must go
35. Jack told me he ___________ come the next day.
a. is going to
b. will
c. was going to
36. He drove the car __________ the garage and left for work.
a. out of
b. out
c. into
37. Jack ______________ a fortune when his great uncle passed on.
a. came along
b. came into
c. came through
38. Unfortunately, Peter has ______ friends in Tacoma.
a. a few
b. a lot
c. few
39. 'I will finish that project soon.' - Ken said he ________ finish that project soon.
a. were
b. would
c. will
40. In his position _____ managing director, he is responsible for more than 300 employees.
a. like
b. as
c. so
41. She wished she __________ the new car.
a. bought
b. would buy
c. had bought
42. Fiestas ____________ in Cologne, Germany for many years now.
a. have been made
b. have been making
c. have made
43. I think you ___________ see a doctor.
a. should better to
b. ought
c. had better
44. You'll be leaving for Tokyo soon, _______?
a. aren't you
b. will you
c. won't you
45. ______ the last market session the Dow Jones dropped 67 points.
a. During
b. While
c. For
46. They (were cleaning up / had cleaned up) while I was cooking dinner.
47. There was no food left when I returned. They (had eaten / ate) everything!
48. If she had visited us last summer, she (would have enjoyed / would enjoy) the hikes in the mountains.
49. I (checked / was checking) the bags before we left on holiday.
50. If he (broke / had broken) the window he would repair it.
51. She told me she was flying to Chicago last week. She (must have been / must be) in her hotel room last night.
52. By the time the presentation began, they (completed / had completed) their discussion.
53. If I (had been / were) you, I would finish my homework!
54. She is very intelligent. She (can not have thought/ couldn't have thought) that!
55. When I arrived, they (stretched their legs / were stretching their legs).

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