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Texas ISD School Guide
Texas ISD School Guide

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Classroom activities

Year : Year 4
Date : 29.4.2010
Time : 8.00am-9.00am (60minutes)
Theme : World of Knowledge
Topic : Animals at Zoo
Objectives : At the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:
I) Identify various types of adjectives
II) Form a few sentences using the adjectives
III) Read their sentences aloud.
IV) Match proper adjectives to actions
Skills : 3.3.1 read and understands phrases by matching simple phrases to pictures
3.3.2 read and understand simple sentences
3.3.3 read and understand simple paragraphs.
Previous knowledge : Students have not been taught on adjectives

Activities: The English Hour

Step 1: Shared Reading (10 minutes)
a) Teacher describe an object in the classroom.
b) Teacher uses as many adjectives as possible.
c) Teacher asks students to guess the object. Students listen to the teacher’s description. Students guess the object.
d) Teacher introduces the topic to the students and writes it on the whiteboard.
e) Teacher distributes the text ‘Bus trip to Zoo Negara’
f) PP read aloud the text after the teacher

Step 2: Teaching points (20 minutes)
a) Teacher explains to the students about adjectives.
b) Teacher gives some examples by showing a few different pictures.
c) Students listen to teacher’s explanation. Students understand the lesson better by looking at pictures
d) Teacher give students worksheet on adjectives.Teacher gives instructions to students. Students listen to teacher’s instructions and complete their worksheet.
Step 3: Independent work (20 minutes)
a) Teacher divides students into groups. Students sit in groups.
b) Teacher gives each group an object. Teacher asks students in groups to write as many adjectives as possible which describe the object.
c) Students write down as many adjectives as possible to describe the object.
d) Pupils work in their groups to form the sentences on adjectives they write. Upon completion, each group leader will write one sentence on the blackboard.
e) Teacher corrects the sentences if necessary. Teacher asks pupils to copy the sentences as well as draw and colour the pictures of objects

Step 4: Summing up (5 minutes)
a) Teacher asks each student to name an adjective before the class ends.
b) Each student will name an adjective. All the pupils will say the adjectives loud
Homework: Pupils are asked to complete the worksheet. Smart pupils are given the task of forming a complete sentence whereas average and weak pupils are asked to fill in the blanks with correct words (refer appendix B, worksheet 1&2))
Pedagogical Items : M.I. – Interpersonal, Verbal Linguistics, visual spastic

T.S – Rearranging
Moral Value : Team Work

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