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Scumbag schools
By:Paul Fox <scumbagschools@outlook.com>
Date: 19 February 2016

We are currently compiling a list of 'scumbag schools' in China

The aim is to assist every ESL teacher from becoming yet another 'victim'

Unscrupulous schools and corrupt bosses are rife in China and it's important to highlight the 'bad ones' so they can be avoided

If you have PERSONAL EXPERIENCE of dealing with a 'scumbag school' or even an FEB (Foreign Experts' Bureau) that has caused you personal grief then we want to hear about it

The criteria is simple

1) Name of the school and person responsible for the 'abuse'
2) Your name (optional but confidential)
3) Reason why you feel they are a 'scumbag school'
4) Please provide a genuine (and what you consider valid) reason. (Things like 'Avoid XYZ because they are terrible scumbags' is not a valid reason)

Every semester, China is screaming out for ESL teachers. Part of the reason is that they cannot hold onto the ones they already have

Don't let someone else suffer in the same way you did.

Everyone accepts that from time-to-time there may be a 'personality clash' between a teacher and their boss that could possibly result in an unfortunate incident, but what we are looking for are examples of blatant abuse of contract, lies, deceit, corruption, blackmail etc etc

The more complaints a school receives, the higher up on our list they will go

All contributors will be sent a regular newsletter highlighting schools to avoid. We want to reach out to as many ESL teachers as possible, so please tell your friends and colleagues.

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