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Re: Shanghai changes rules
By:John O'Shei
Date: 16 August 2015
In Response To: Re: Shanghai changes rules (San Migs)

Well, English teachers are ten a penny! What do you expect? Even if forced to be poor as hell in order to maintain that expensive, glamorous Shanghai lifestyle, it will always attract those young people who are willing to suffer a bit in hope of landing some creative non-teaching job. Most will give up and go home after a year with a year of China experience on their Cv, a damaged liver and an STD that the experts probably haven't even named yet.

There were rumours that regulations would become stricter for FTs in Shanghai, with Masters degrees demanded but there will always be dodgy schools that take on teachers on a not so legal basis. There's nothing to suggest that there's any truth in the rumours so far though.

Graduating international students have already taken advantage of the new regulations, being able to get work visas without the required 2 years work experience that would otherwise be needed, by switching at the airport.

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