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Off the Gringo Trail in Peru  by: Roger Theron
Tayne Ruddock is Traveling in South America and has this story from a Peruvian adventure. So what happens when you randomly select a tiny town on a small road well off the gringo (tourist) trail on..
How to Visit Rio De Janeiro  by: James Scott Bankston
The name Rio de Janiero awakens in the mind images of sex, hedonism, sun-tanned bodies, carefree days and nights. And though there are some ugly realities in 21st century Rio, the traveler can still..
Mexican Living: Christmas  by: Douglas Bower
By Douglas Bower I have no memory of Christmas, 2003. Now before you jump to one of those, "Oh, yeah we know," conclusions let me say that both my wife and I were deathly ill from some flu bug that..
Limon Costa Rica  by: Steven Hollstein
The famous east coast of Costa Rica with places like Cauhita, Puerto Limon, Tortugeros and Barra del Colorado is a completely different thing then the west coast. You can fly here or take highway 32..
Ecuador Travel Facts  by: J. Clark
Ecuador may be small---approximately the size of Colorado---but it makes for a variety-filled vacation option. "Nowhere else on earth will you find so much natural diversity--and all the fun that..
How to Dress for Uruguay  by: Collaborator
Traveling in Uruguay can be a lot of fun, especially if you know how to dress for the climate. With a little bit of research, you can rest assured that you'll be properly dressed for a trip to..
Patriotic Atmosphere of Chihuahua  by: Gagan Makin
Overlooked for long as an important destination, Chihuahua City (‘Chi – Wau –Wah’) occupies almost 13 percent of Mexico’s total land space. However, it is a very important historical..
Festive Brazil  by: Richard Greaves
Think of Brazilian festivals and the images that spring to mind are of fantastic street parades featuring dancers in fantastic costumes gyrating to samba rhythms. This is of course the annual..
Baños Ecuador: Volcano Tours and Discos  by: Steven Gillman
By Steven Gillman In June of 2004, my wife and I spent a week in Banos, Ecuador. Our clean hotel room, with cable TV, cost $6 per night. It was $12 normally, but we're good negotiators. We paid just..
Questions about Teaching English in Brazil ?  by:
So im thinking about teaching english in Brazil...i want to know from people that have done hard is it, how much work do you do? If you are not really an Education or Teacher major can you..
Grenada, Nicaragua Hotels  by: Ken Macdonald
The Nicaraguan city of Granada is located on the shores of Lake Nicaragua, also known as Lake Cocibolca. It lies 29 miles from the national capital, Managua, and is a 45-minute drive from Managua..
Acapulco, One Of Mexico’s Top Travel Destinations  by: Danny Lowell
By: Danny Lowell Today's Acapulco Acapulco is probably Mexico's oldest established resort town but, thanks to a recent renaissance, this remarkable town has maintained its status as one of Mexico's..
Mexico: Lesser Known Yet Fabulous: Puerto Aventuras  by: Caitlin Moore
Gorgeous, quieter than the average resort area, sun-dappled and filled with all the beach activities a vacationer could ask for, Puerto Aventuras is a dreamy spot with much to offer. Not as tarnished..
Mexico City - General Information  by: Harry Preston
Mexico City is the capital and most populous city in Mexico. It is the most populated city in America. It is located in the center of the country, in the Valley of Mexico, a plateau at an altitude of..
Fascinating Facts About Ecuador  by: Alejandro Guevara Onofre
DID YOU KNOW THAT…Christina María Aguilera, who is a famous American singer, has Ecuadorian origin.His father was born in Guayaquil, Ecuador.Only 26 years, she has already made a place for herself..
Lets Go To Mexico - 5 Great Mexico Vacation Destinations  by: Darren Slaughter
So your finally going on that oft dreamt about vacation and your destination is….Mexico, ole’! The allure of Mexico is appealing for many reasons. You have the acient ruins of the Mayan temples,..
Re: Mexican Living: Doctors, Doctors, Doctors  by: Ramona Ross
\-|"> Thank you for your comments about Mexican Doctors, Lance. Your are absolutely right and hit the main point: Mexican doctors really care about their patients. They even consider them their..
Quito, Ecuador - slideshow  by: teacher
Costa Rica Beaches – From the Golden Coast to Montezuma  by: Jason Albright
Some of the most incredible features of Costa Rica are the famous Costa Rica beaches. The Guanacaste coastline, known as the “Golden Coast,” has the most pristine Costa Rica beaches. This coast..
Places in Brazil to Visit - 5 Natural Wonders  by: William Manor
Mention Brazil and the image that immediately comes to the mind of most people is the Amazon rainforest. While the Amazon jungle is a spectacular place, it is only one of many natural wonders that..
Cartagena, Colombia - 4 Ways To Visit Before Leaving Home  by: Gary Sargent
If you're not sure what to expect when planning a trip to Colombia, you've already got a wide selection of handy references in popular culture to give you an impression of the place before leaving...
Caribbean Food - A Little History  by: Linda Thompkins
The Arawak, Carib, and Taino Indians were the first inhabitants of the Caribbean islands. These first inhabitants occupied the present day islands of British Virgin Islands, Cuba, Dominica, Grenada,..
Can I Work In Mexico?  by: Douglas Bower
Of all the questions we get from our readers, currently the most common is: Can I move to Mexico and get a job? The answer to the first part of that question is easy. Yes, you can move to Mexico. The..
Re: Teaching English in Mexico: A Decent Living?  by: dixie
Hello, I am wondering where you get your information from? I live in Mexico (D.F), I teach English and I "make a living" doing so. From what you write, I assume "teaching English" refers to language..
Mexico's Best City to Vacation, Live and Work  by: Larry M. Lynch
So, you genuinely feel you'd like an adventure living and working in a foreign country. You may like the idea of Mexico for the many conveniences and opportunities our south of the border neighbor..
Living in Mexico- Learning Spanish - Wrong Approaches  by: Douglas Bower
The chief problem we Americans have with developing a high degree of spoken fluency is that we take the wrong first steps in acquiring a second language. It's not our faults, really. We are led to..
The Brazilian Carnival – Multifaceted And Unique  by: Naldo Camarones
One of the biggest popular entertainments in the world was created by the fusion of European traditions with African rhythms. The celebration of carnival is a ritual that has over 10,000 years of..
Best Vacation Spots in Mexico  by: Kum Martin
Mexico is a highly popular holiday destination with people from all over the world. It is replete with ancient Mayan culture, exotic and beautiful beach, great food and outstanding shopping..
Antigua Guatemala - Latin Charm Beneath The Volcano  by: Simon Hillier
Antigua was the capital of Guatemala until 1773, when the Santa Marta earthquake rocked the foundations of the town. Still, the city retains its colonial charm in the extravagant architecture of..
The Little Black Book of English Institutes in Peru  by: Sharon De Hinojosa
Background about Teaching in Peru I have decided to only include institutes for two reasons. First, they are more likely to hire working travelers for six months or so. Second, they are less strict..
Puerto Vallarta *Picture*  by: Sharon Stajda
Puerto Vallarta Is a wonderful Mexican city that is fronted by the blue Pacific Ocean, and backed by the lush, green tropical Sierra Madre Mountains. The people are friendly and charming, always..
How to Start a Small Business in Ensenada, Mexico  by: Jennifer Moore
Starting a business in Ensenada Mexico is much like starting a business in the United States except for a few rules that differ. Most foreigners either register as a corporation or as a Limited..
Things to know when traveling to Costa Rica  by: Paul Orr
Before traveling outside your native country to another country you should prepare yourself. Learning about the country before you go can prevent common problems or confusion. Cultures vary..
Notable Facts About Santiago De Cuba  by: Pollux Parker
One of Cuba's principal cities, Santiago de Cuba is well-known not only for its historical significance, but also for its contribution to culture. The second-largest city after Havana sits close by..
Ten Essential Things to Do When You Visit Mexico  by: Jonathan Williams
This large country whose capital, Mexico City, is one of the largest countries in the world and also boasts of a lot of wonders. If you are a nature-tripper who would love to spend your time on the..
The Favelas Of Rio De Janeiro  by: Naldo Camarones
When people hear about Rio de Janeiro, they often remember its beaches, beautiful women, natural beauty and its buildings. There is, however, an ugly side to Rio, the favelas. Today there are over..
How to Get Immunizations for Colombia  by: Collaborator
The U.S. government does not recommend travel to Colombia, but you may be required to visit for job-related or other reasons. There are rebellious and criminal factions in Bogata and other areas,..
Unique Brazil  by: Richard Greaves
Brazil is a large and varied South American country with a vast range of things to see and do. Most of Brazil's attractions are well-known such as Carnival and Ipanema Beach in Rio. But here we'll..
The Pros And Cons Of 50 Cent Beers In Panama  by: Claire Saylor
So surprised was my Costa Rican friend by the price of the beer when he arrived to Panama for the first time that he ended up inviting a pool hall of about seven men to 3 rounds of brewskies while..
Sunday at the Ensenada Costco  by: Triana Elan - ESL teacher in Mexico
I'm "baching it" this weekend, the family is away and I have the house to myself. After finishing up a research paper and taking alfalfa to my horses, I decided to go and see what was new in the deli..