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Travel in Latin America

Do You Need To Speak Very Good Spanish To Travel In South America?
By:Maggy Bis

Heaps of individuals who desire to travel stay clear of going to South America simply because they fear they won’t be in position to communicate. They are equally right and wrong. They are wrong, because men and women have been traveling the world for many years and they have been going to places where they didn’t understand or know the language and somehow survived. These folks are right, because capability to speak at minimum few Spanish words and phrases can considerably build up your level of satisfaction but moreover your safety and wellness.

If you are planning to travel on your own, than being familiar with some Spanish does help. Except for those a lot of touristy places, barely anyone speaks English. So if you want to purchase a bus ticket or simply ask for directions, it may be stressful to do so without some elementary language abilities. You could very well get lucky and come across an individual speaking English, but the probability of this is really low, so I wouldn’t depend on it.

Having said that, don’t think that you must to speak great Spanish to make it through. All you need is some essential Spanish words and phrases, numbers and some fundamental grammar (like the capability to conjugate a few most popular verbs in present tense).The great information is that those things are truly easy to master. You don’t even have to take courses. You can achieve it all on your own, by choosing a language learning software or an exercise publication and investing an hour a day reading through them. All you need is about 3 weeks of this kind of 1 hour a day work and your encounter of travelling in South America is going to be so very much wealthier. You will be able to have a chitchat with the natives, bargain the rates and simply you will feel more secure and have more fun.

If you are traveling to South America on an arranged trip with a Spanish speaking tour guide, you perhaps don’t need to understand any Spanish words and phrases. Your guide will do most things for you - organise lodging, meals, transportation, show you around and answer your concerns. But what if you are given some free time to stroll around the city where you happen to be? What if throughout this time you go to the shop and want to buy something? Your guide is not around so you don’t understand what the sales person is saying to you, and you can’t negotiate the price. In a occasion like that knowing just some numbers and words and phrases in Spanish does come in useful. Again don’t feel you need to be fluent. Just make an effort to put in a few hours studying on your own at home and your vacation will be so much better.

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