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How to Teach English in Mexico in the Summer
By:Christy Bowles

With its beautiful colonial cities, stunning beaches, and fascinating indigenous communities, Mexico is an ideal place to spend a summer break. Many students and teachers travel to Mexico to study Spanish, but there are also many opportunities to teach English in Mexico. Individuals who travel to Mexico to teach on a seasonal basis typically do not secure paying jobs, but there are a wide variety of volunteer teaching opportunities throughout Mexico and many offer lodging in exchange for teaching.

Volunteer as a tutor or teacher prior to searching for positions. The prospects for securing a teaching position in Mexico for the summer are much stronger for those who have some experience teaching English to nonnative speakers (ESL). For those wishing to secure a paid teaching position in Mexico, obtain a teaching credential such as a TESOL or CELTA. An ideal way to complete a TESOL or CELTA is to enroll in a program during the summer in Mexico, many of which offer the opportunity to travel, study Spanish, and complete a teaching credential.

Search for opportunties throughout the country, as opposed to targeting only one specific destination. Teaching positions in the tourist destinations in Mexico are often in high demand, and most programs and schools search for candidates who have teaching experience and credentials. They often do not offer seasonal or short-term positions. If a prospective teacher is planning to visit a specific area, it is possible to contact schools in the region. But it's quite possible the candidate will have to offer to volunteer without comphensation.

Use on-line resources to aid a search for a summer teaching position in Mexico. One resource, used by teachers and volunteers worldwide, is Idealist.org. Many teachers and students also volunteer, intern, or work with Global Vision International. Finally, there are plenty of helpful resources on volunteer sites such as Travel to Teach.

Obtain a valid passport from the country of residence and make travel plans to arrive in Mexico. If the position is a paying post, the school or program will have to arrange for a valid work Mexican visa, called an FM3. Climate should be taken in to consideration when planning a summer visit to Mexico. Many of the lowland, tropical regions are quite hot and humid in the summer months, while mountain areas are often temperate. Teaching candidates should also consider any limitations they may have regarding climate and living conditions, as rural areas often have more rustic lodging options and amenities.

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