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Travel in Latin America

How to Dress for Ecuador

The style of dress in Ecuador is not much different from that of the United States. Name brands, t-shirts, ball caps and jeans are all very popular. Overall, how you dress for a trip to Ecuador will depend upon where you plan to go and your personal travel style.

Leave your shorts at home. Shorts are not commonly worn in Ecuador and should be avoided by both men and women.

Bring both warm and cool weather clothing when traveling through the Andes or over multiple regions. The climate can change dramatically throughout the day, and from region to region.

Wear warm, fast-drying clothes in the Andes, as it is not uncommon to experience all four seasons in a single day. Layer your clothing and bring a lightweight fleece as preparation for cool Andean evenings. Bring a pair of jeans, as jeans are common, but bring lightweight cotton pants as well, which dry faster in the often cool and wet Andean climate.

Take a sun hat, sunglasses, sneakers, sandals, a swimming suit, sunscreen and an umbrella if you are planning a cruise to the Galapagos Islands. While the day will be scorching hot, be prepared to dress for cool nights; bring a sweater or fleece so you can venture out at night to enjoy the incredible stargazing that the Islands have to offer.

Sport a pair of rubber boots if you plan a trip to Eastern Ecuador, as hiking boots just don't cut it in calf-high mud. Most lodges or tours will provide boots, or you can purchase an inexpensive pair in a nearby town. Always wear long-sleeved shirts, clean socks and loose-fitting pants (not jeans, which take too long to dry,) when traveling to the Amazon, and bring sweaters and jackets for the cool nights.

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