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Mexico's Best City to Vacation, Live and Work
By:Larry M. Lynch

So, you genuinely feel you'd like an adventure living and working in a foreign country. You may like the idea of Mexico for the many conveniences and opportunities our south of the border neighbor has to offer. But just how do you choose what part of the country to consider? How do the major areas compare? What are some of the best areas to live and work? Here is Mexico's best city to live and work - Mexico City.

Selection Factors

The selection is based on several factors including; number of job possibilities, size of the metro area, availability of affordable housing, variety of cultural and social activities, educational prospects, food, restaurant and dining options, overall quality of life, availability of public transportation in the metro area and to other locales among others. While this recommendation is not meant to be exclusive and doesn't indicate that other areas / cities would not be good choices, it does provide a jumping off point for those still on the fence in their decision-making efforts to take the plunge and start living and working, teaching English for example, way, way down south.

Mexico City

At a whopping 25 million people and counting, how could the world's largest metropolis NOT take the number one spot? Everything you can imagine (and quite a number of things you wouldn't imagine) is to be found within the scope of a city that seems to go on forever. From the arts to the historic Zocalo, there's little lacking to stimulate your mind, heart and spirit. All this and a seemingly endless demand for native English-speaking teachers, translators, interpreters, proofreaders, researchers, teaching interns, computer specialists, word processors, professors and a continual stream of English-literate or bi-lingual professionals.

The latest, the greatest, the best and almost everything in between exist to serve and be served. The hub of Mexico's vast reaches, all roads lead to and from the concrete and cobblestone-paved Zocalo that dates back to Aztec times. With its fast, cheap, efficient (and packed) metro system you can reach virtually any point in this urban sprawl in less than an hour of stomach-rumbling speed. To see up 50 English-teaching or English language-based job listings at one time in the English language Mexico News is not unheard of. Most teachers can get a full time job working here the same week (often the same day or two) that they arrive. Talk about overkill.

But if you want a bit of small town "charm" without the overwhelming size and opportunities of Mexico City, why not check out the "smaller" city of Puebla?

The City of Puebla

At a scant hour from the D.F. (Federal District), and located under the smoking eye of Mexico's most active volcano, this university city of one and a half million inhabitants is also known as the birthplace of the original "mole" or chocolate sauce with chiles and spices laced throughout. There's culture galore and the city is a perfect gateway to the regions of Chiapas, Tlaxcala, and further afield; Campeche and the Yucatan. A wide range of good-paying, satisfying work is available year-round and its proximity to other interesting areas makes it a prime location in itself. It's the perfect place from which to launch your escapades to Popocatepetl Volcano and his reclining love, Iztaccihuatl, the adjoining summit.

Other Areas in Mexico

Mexico City not your favorite? Want to know the standing of another area not mentioned? Just ask. Feel free to e-mail me with your questions, observations and comments.

Prof. Larry M. Lynch is an English language teaching and learning expert author and university professor in Cali, Colombia. Now YOU too can live your dreams in paradise, find romance, high adventure and get paid while travelling for free.

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